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Solan Culture

Shoolini Mela Solan, the ‘Mushroom city of India’ acquires its name from the sacred shrine of Goddess Shoolini positioned on the Shilli Road in Solan. The marvelous temple of Shoolini Devi is principally reckoned for the Shoolini Mela celebrated here in the last week of June every year. Dedicated to the patron Goddess of Solan i.e. Shoolini Devi, this state level ‘Mela’ (fair) organized at Solan continues for three consecutive days. The Shoolini Fair, dated back to 19th century AD is a traditional jubilation solemnized even before the conception of the present day Solan District. Shoolini Mela, celebrated in the honor of Goddess Shoolini commemorates the three days visit of the Goddess Shoolini Devi to her elder sister.
It is believed that at this time of the year Goddess Shoolini goes to see her elder sister Goddess Durga at the Mata Durga Temple situated in the Ganj Bazar of Solan. Shoolini Mela inaugurates with the traditional Pooja of the Goddess Shoolini at her own temple situated along the Shilli Road. The citizens of Solan as well as the devotees alighted here from neighboring regions congregate at the Shoolini Devi Temple to attend this initial Pooja and seek the blessings of the Mother Goddess. The Pooja is succeeded by a grand parade wherein Goddess Shoolini is taken out of her temple in an extravagantly ornamented palanquin. The procession passes through different locales of Solan and everywhere it is escorted in a very ostentatious manner. The Mata Durga Temple of the Ganj Bazar is the ultimate destination of Goddess Shoolini which is regarded to be the abode of her sister Durga Devi.
The Goddess Shoolini halts at her sister’s place for three days and then returns back to her own domicile. The return journey of the Goddess to her own temple is celebrated on the last day of Shoolini Mela with even superior pomp and grandeur. On the third day, the festivity reaches its culmination. Solan is cram packed with the deluge of devotees and the entire township is throbbing with unequalled gusto and fervor. Shoolini Mela is the quintessence of Solan’s traditional and cultural legacy. An assortment of cultural activities such as dancing, singing, wrestling and many more comprise this three days celebration at Solan.
Traders, merchants and sweet sellers arrive here from different parts of Himachal Pradesh and also from other neighboring states to make money while the devotees of Goddess Shoolini indulge in shopping, various recreational activities and other delights to the fullest. The devotees hold a firm belief that the Goddess Shoolini will fulfill all your wishes if you pay homage at her feet at the time of the Shoolini Fair. By reason of this faith, people alight at Solan from far and wide to ask for the blessings of Goddess Shoolini. More than 100 years old Shoolini Mela of Solan is aggrandized as the most popular and most awaited fair of not only Solan but the entire state of Himachal Pradesh.