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Solan, reposed approximately 50 kilometers to the south of Shimla along the Kalka-Shimla National Highway No. 22 (listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a township of the state of Himachal Pradesh that furnishes as the district headquarters and the municipal council of the Solan District. The metropolis derives its appellation from the name of Goddess ‘Shoolini Devi’ seated in the Shoolini Devi Temple of Solan located on the Shilli Road. Attributable to its immense mushroom cultivation as well as the famous Chambaghat mushroom centre, this conurbation has been bestowed upon with the designation; the ‘Mushroom city of India’.
Nestled atop the Mount Karol, roughly at the altitude of 1467 meters above the sea level and bounded by the surrounding lofty hills, Solan is bordered by 1,986 meters tall Matiul Peak towards the east and by 2,000 meters high Karol Peak to its north. More than 60% of the geographical terrain of Solan is marked with highlands and mountainous formations. Solan particularly popularized for its astounding vistas of the adjoining snow crowned precipices, snow blanketed landscapes and exceptionally agreeable, cordial and soul stimulating ambiance is also reckoned as the gateway to Shimla. This paradise for honeymooners and nature lovers; Solan also serves as the base station for the neighboring tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh including Chail, Subathu, Dagshai, Churdhar Peak, Kandaghat, and so on.
Highly recommended tourist destination both for winter sports and summer retreat, Solan is a most valued gemstone studded in the snow-white tiara of the Himachal Pradesh. Solan, famous for its ancient temples and monasteries is also the renowned domicile of country’s oldest breweries. Besides, the additional feathers in the vivid hat of Solan that sing the sagas of its fame worldwide are ‘Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry’ and the ‘Old Fort of Arki’ dated back to 300 years. Not only that, Solan also boasts of harboring the highest cricket ground in the whole world. Solan, one of the torch bearing tourist’s destinations of Himachal Pradesh and also a thriving industrial and educational hub of the state happens to be one of the must visit hill resorts of India at least once in a lifetime.