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Solan Sightseeing

Shoolini Temple Settled on the Shilli Road
Karol ka Tibba
Meteol ka Tibba Located near Solan
Jatoli Shiv templeStationed at the distance of just 6 kilometers away from Solan on the Rajgarh Road
Bon Monastery (Yung Drung Ling)Placed near Nauni roughly 12 kilometers away from Solan
Gurkha Fort (Arki Fort)
Kuthar Fort In Gurkha Fort of Baghal Kings
Nalagarh PalaceLocated at the distance of approximately 40 kilometers from Solan
KasauliStationed just 15 kilometers from Solan on the Kalka – Shimla Highway
Chail Located just 10 kilometers away from the heart of the town Solan
BarogSituated Located about 41 kilometers from Solan
Kiarighat Sited just 19 kilometers from Solan
Manjathal SantuaryPlaced in the close proximity of Solan
Parwanoo Located about 41 kilometers from Solan
Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar University of Horticulture & ForestryLocated at Nauni Village in Solan District on the Solan-Rajgarh Road
Giri PicnicSituated about 20 kilometers from the center of Solan
Solan Brewery

Shoolini Temple

Location: Settled on the Shilli Road
The angelic Hill Resort of Himachal Pradesh; ‘Solan’ derives its name from the name of Goddess Shoolini, the patron Goddess of Solan Township. The highly revered shrine of Shoolini Devi settled on the Shilli Road of Solan is particularly reckoned in every corner of the country for the annual ‘Shoolini Mela’ celebrated here. This state level fair organized in the last week of June and ceremonialized for three days is dedicated to the Goddess Shoolini. This time-honored Shoolini Fair is dated back to 19th century AD. It is believed that Goddess Shoolini pays a visit to her elder sister’s abode for three days once a year. At the time of the Shoolini Mela, the idol of Goddess Shoolini is carried to the Mata Durga Temple of the Ganj Bazar of Solan in a very grandiose and boastful procession. Shoolini Mela is the real spirit of Solan’s cultural inheritance. The beautiful temple of Shoolini Devi is extravagantly decorated at this time of the year and a variety of cultural activities such as singing, dancing, and wrestling and many more are organized near the temple during this three days festival. Thousands of devotees from every corner of Himachal Pradesh and also from other states arrive at Solan and seek the blessings of Goddess Shoolini. It is believed that Shoolini Devi fulfils the wishes of all those who pray at her feet during these three sacred days.

Karol ka Tibba

Karol ka Tibba of Solan highly venerated by the ethnic tribes and natives of Himachal Pradesh is a cave where Pandavas are believed to have dwelled. It is admitted that the five Pandava Brothers of the Mahabharata had sought refuge in this cave of Karol ka Tibba and inhabited the cavern for certain period of time during their banishment from the Hastinapur Kingdom after loosing against the Kauravas in the game of gambling. The Pandavas are supposed to have concealed themselves in this cave during the Agyatvas when according to the condition it was essential that they would not be found out by anyone. This legendary and mythological seat; Karol ka Tibba has now turned into one of the most cherished destinations both for the nature lovers as well as for the adventure seekers. It is an ideal locale to relish the endless banquet of beauty laid by the universe. Two hours of trekking expedition from Solan will reach you at the Karol ka Tibba.

Meteol ka Tibba

Location: Located near Solan
Meteol ka Tibba, situated in the proximity with the Karol ka Tibba is yet another picnic spot near Solan much sought after by the tourists as well as the locals. Endowed with exuberant immaculate beauty, Meteol ka Tibba is an idyllic getaway to unwind and enjoy in the loving cradle of Mother Nature. The fabulous magnetism and the charming ambience of Meteol ka Tibba will definitely make you fall in love with this romantic Hill Station of Solan.

Jatoli Shiv temple

Location: Stationed at the distance of just 6 kilometers away from Solan on the Rajgarh Road
Jatoli Shiv Temple, stationed at the distance of just 6 kilometers away from Solan on the Rajgarh Road is a highly sanctified pilgrim destination and a major tourist’s attraction near Solan. This ancient shrine situated near the Apple Weldmesh Industry is dedicated to the God of destruction Lord Shiva. Adored by the locals at a great deal, this ancient temple is well-known for its Mahashivratri Fair organized here in the month of March every year.

Bon Monastery (Yung Drung Ling)

Location: Placed near Nauni roughly 12 kilometers away from Solan
Bon Monastery, also popularly recognized by the names ‘Yung Drung Ling’ and ‘Yung Drung Tibetan Monastery’ is placed near Nauni roughly 12 kilometers away from Solan. Eulogized a lot by the Buddhists all over the globe, Bon Monastery of Solan happens to be the second oldest monastery established in the world. The first Buddhist Monastery, the only monastery older than the Yung Drung Ling, belongs to Tibet. Regarded as the oldest Buddhist Monastery in India, the Bon Monastery is extensively popular for its enormous statue of Lord Shenrab Mibo. On the eve of New Year, the sacrosanct Bon Dances known by the title ‘Cham’ are performed here. Myriads of Buddhist devotees as well as other tourists throng the Bon Monastery at the time of New Year’s Eve. Yung Drung Ling is indeed one of the chief attractions near Solan and a must visit destination that sings the sagas of the majestic past of Buddhism in India.

Gurkha Fort (Arki Fort)

Gurkha Fort, also renowned by the name ‘Arki Fort’ used to serve as the capital complex of the quondam princely state of Baghal. Over the years Arki has witnessed a lot of conflict and turbulence between Gurkhas and the Baghal Rulers. Gurkhas had raided the territory of Baghal, invaded the fort of Arki and retained it for two years from 1815 to 1816. Later British overpowered the Gurkhas and restored the kingdom to the Baghal Rulers as the feudatories of British East India Co. In the year 1850 AD Raja Kishen Chand of Baghal dynasty revamped this fort and also bedecked this stronghold with Pahari Style Murals. The Gurkha Fort or Arki Fort is a highly reputable tourist attraction in the neighborhood of Solan that is bequeathed with the affluent historical heritage and the prototypes of ancient Pahari fine art.

Kuthar Fort

Location: In Gurkha Fort of Baghal Kings
Kuthar Fort, an impressive edifice erected in the vicinity of the famous Gurkha Fort of Baghal Kings is deemed as one of the most admired and frequently sought after destinations near Solan. Accounted to be over 800 years old, this citadel placed close to Arki and Subathu is honored as an undying legend of the illustrious history of Solan. Extended over an all-embracing area, Kuthar Fort asserted as the oldest architecture near Solan is an extraordinary paradigm of dexterous architectonics of the bygone era. An added magnetism of this garrison is the number of fresh water springs that instigate and flow within the Kuthar Fort periphery.

Nalagarh Palace

Location: Located at the distance of approximately 40 kilometers from Solan
Nalagarh, located at the distance of approximately 40 kilometers from Solan is one of the Tehsils of Solan District and the erstwhile administrative capital of the princely state of Hindur. Predominantly distinguished for its conspicuous milepost; the Nalagarh Palace, Nalagarh is celebrated far and wide for its unequaled architectural marvel and its mellifluous historical legacy. Established atop a towering precipice, this imposing configuration basks in the credit of the majestic antiquity of Nalagarh. This ostentatious composition built in traditional Indo – Saracenic order represents the distinctive intermingle of the architectural elements both from Indian as well as Mughal style of designs. The surroundings of the Nalagarh Palace are embellished with daintily landscaped gardens and the site is also remarkable for the eye-catching views of the snow blanketed Shivalik Mountain Ranges it yields. In recent years the Nalagarh Palace has undergone a large scale renovation which has refurbished its past glory and magnificence. Today the palace is converted into a heritage resort that provides luxurious and lavish services to its respectable guests. The palace stands well maintained these days as it reaps very good revenue from its visitors. Nalagarh Palace is rightly regarded as a must visit destination nearby Solan.


Location: Stationed just 15 kilometers from Solan on the Kalka – Shimla Highway
Kasauli an exceedingly popular hill resort of Himachal Pradesh suspended at the elevation of about 2,107 meters is a tiny little township of Solan District stationed just 15 kilometers from Solan on the Kalka – Shimla Highway. This old-world settlement of Kasauli fossilized in time leads us back to the Colonized India of 19th century AD. Dressed with elegant English Cabanas, gabled cottages with colonial veneers, paved and tiled lanes, old-style shops, small orchards and a number of colonial memorials that have stood the test of time summon inestimable tourists from all quarters of globe to this stunning hill station of Kasauli. The environs of Kasauli are bejeweled with the luxuriant meadows and woods congregated with huge horse chestnuts, chir-pine and Himalayan oaks.
This, the less inhabited and less contaminated ballpark is filled with captivating vistas of unsurpassed natural pulchritude teeming with the antique souvenirs of the British hey day. The magical allure of this seventh heaven descended beckons nature lovers as well as peace seekers to arrive and unwind in this Garden of Eden incarnated. Kasauli, one of the most visited hill stations of Himachal Pradesh extensively contributes in the thriving tourism industry of the state. Some of the foremost attractions of this relic of antiquity include Monkey Point, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Dagshai, Sanawar Nature Camp, Timber Trail, and so on.


Location: Located just 10 kilometers away from the heart of the town Solan
Located just 10 kilometers away from the heart of the town Solan; Chail is yet another pleasure trip highly popular amongst the tourists as well as the locals. Chail, the erstwhile summer capital of Patiala Kings is balanced at the altitude of 2,250 meters above the sea level. Nested amidst the verdant green fabric embroidered with Pine and Deodar forests, Chail is also the proud proprietor of world’s highest cricket ground. Overtopping the magnificent Satluj Valley, Chail proffers breathtaking panoramas of elucidated Shimla and Kasauli towns projecting the twinkle of flickering lights at night. Standing above the gleaming lights of Kasauli and Shimla and beneath the starlit sky at Chail is truly a magical and thrilling experience. Moreover, the additional attractions of Chail include a polo ground, the well-known Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and an old palace now converted to a heritage hotel. The feral forests of Chail fully clad with deodar and Oak foliage and covered with leafy grasslands grant a protected and secured domicile to the wild animals of Himachal Pradesh. Stretched over a widespread area of nearly 10,854.36 hectares, this safe haven is a habitat to numberless wild birds and animals. Besides, Chail is also acclaimed as a hiker’s paradise and the adventure seekers make it a point to tread the meandering trails of the theatrical Chail Forest. Chail is undeniably a perfect escape from the hustle bustle of city life in the fondling lap of nurturing nature.


Location: Inside the Shoolini Temple complex
Barog, a dainty and beauteous hamlet situated just 5 kilometers away from Solan on the Kalka Shimla National Highway is yet another tourist attraction nearby that can be covered in a nice one day trip. In the early 20th century, Barog was accredited as a vital stopover on the Kalka Shimla railway line where the hill train used to halt for an hour or so. This tiny settlement gifted with flawless natural glamour, revitalizing climate and fabulous vistas has today turned into a preeminent holiday retreat of Himachal Pradesh. Fabricated in the typical Scottish Style, the charming milieu of Barog enclosed by Pine and Oak trees enchants its visitor to no limit. One cannot call it a trip without paying a visit to Barog; the enigmatic pageant of nature.


Location: Sited just 19 kilometers from Solan
Kiarighat, sited just 19 kilometers from Solan is a well-liked tourist destination on the way to Chandigarh from Shimla. Furnishing as a Dak Bungalow throughout the era of British Raj in India, Kiarighat is today acknowledged for its outstanding panoramic splendor. The former Dak Bungalow is at the moment transformed to a tourist guest house and christened as ‘The Apple Cart Inn’. This is a wonderful locale to relax in the tranquil ambience forgetting all the worldly tension and worries.

Manjathal Santuary

Location: Placed in the close proximity of Solan
Manjathal Sanctuary placed in the close proximity of Solan and expanded over a voluminous area of 55,670 square kilometers is a wildlife sanctuary bequeathed with diverse varieties of flora and fauna. Manjathal Sanctuary, entitled as a forested area by the Government of Himachal Pradesh provides a protected habitat to various species of Goats, Gorals, Cheer Pheasant, many more endangered birds and animals. The best season to pay a visit to Manjathal Sanctuary is winter when the woodland is in its full blossom and the wildlife is also savoring this cordial season marked with plethora of food and pleasant ambience. Tourists can also spend a night in the Manjathal Sanctuary where integrated Jungle Houses are built within the premises. As direct means of commute to the Manjathal Sanctuary are not available, reaching there is a bit hazardous and demanding. Tourists have to first get to Kashlog; located on the Shimla-Bilaspur Road and then walk all the way down to the Manjathal Sanctuary.


Location: Situated Located about 41 kilometers from Solan
Huddled at the foothills of the Shivalik Mountain Ranges on the Kalka-Shimla highway, Parwanoo is a municipal council of Solan District located about 41 kilometers from Solan Township. Due to its propinquity with the border line of the state of Haryana, Parwanoo is also popularly known by the epithet; ‘the gateway to Himachal Pradesh’. Parwanoo is a booming industrial community of the state and over 80% of the local population of Parwanoo is associated with small, medium and large scale industries in one way or other. A noteworthy aspect of Parwanoo is that it is a home to a ‘Cattle Feed Unit’ administered by the HP Agro Industries and also the HPMC; the largest fruit processing unit.

Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar University of Horticulture & Forestry

Location: Located at Nauni Village in Solan District on the Solan-Rajgarh Road
Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar University of Horticulture & Forestry, located at Nauni Village in Solan District on the Solan-Rajgarh Road is the earliest university of its kind in the whole Asia Continent. Stretched over the expansive area of about 550 hectares, this well known university is located at the distance of about 15 km from Solan Town. Named in the fond memory of the founder and the first chief minister of Hindustan Petroleum (HP) Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar, this university was established on 1st December 1985. Later, on 30th April 1988 it was officially inaugurated by Mr. Rajiv Gandhi; the then prime minister of India. This university runs two colleges. One is dedicated to horticulture and the other is aimed at forestry. There are 14 departments and more than 200 scientists and teachers working here as the faculty. Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar University of Horticulture & Forestry offers under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses in horticulture, forestry and similar other disciplines. It also furnishes as the ‘national research centre’ for all the hilly regions of the country. One of the objectives of the Himachal Pradesh Government is to conserve the gragile eco-system of the Himalayas. This university is looking forward to creating such researchers that would work in the field of ‘conservation technology’. The university instructs forest officials in social forestry and also provides practical training for the farmers in nursery production for agro-forestry. It also trains specialists in floriculture, fruit culture, herb culture and vegetable cultivation. The university also aims at optimizing the earnings of the farmers from various agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, mushrooms, bee-keeping, etc.

Giri Picnic

Location: About 20 kilometers from the center of Solan
Giri Picnic, situated about 20 kilometers from the center of Solan is a very much prized picnic spot where both localites as well as the tourists chill out and relax in the proximity with the cool waters of Giri.

Solan Brewery

The first and foremost brewery of its kind in the whole country, ‘Solan Brewery’ was established in the year 1820 by an Englishman named Edward Dyer. Initially set up at Kasauli, this brewery was soon shifted to Solan. The first brand launched by this brewery was ‘Lion Beer’ which was much appreciated by British officials in India. Lion Beer is the oldest IPA brand still in existence. Solan Brewery, now administered by ‘Mohan Meakin Brewery’ is very popular for its highly treasured rum brand ‘Old Monk’.