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Weather In Solan

Solan experiences sub temperature climate and the weather of Solan remains pleasant, refreshing and rejuvenating all twelve months of the year.

Summer in Solan sets in during the month of March and it extends till late May or early June. During this period of the year the temperature rises up to maximum 35c while it can drop as down as 15c. Even though, the day temperature of Solan considerably differs from that of the night. The summer nights at Solan are quite cold and windy at times and the temperature significantly decreases after the sunset. May is relatively the hottest month of the year. Summer is the best season to pay a visit to Solan.

Monsoon reaches Solan in the month of June and retains its glorious throne of sovereignty till September. During this season Solan plateau experiences a good amount of downpour. South West Monsoon brings rains to Solan and drenches the thorough territory with medium to heavy rains. The rains infuse life into every signal element of nature and the whole landscape is cloaked with matchless verdant greenery. Monsoon is also a good season to pay a visit to Solan.

Winter in Solan ranges between December and February when the maximum temperature is recorded to be about 15c and the minimum temperature is reported to be -2c. During this season the entire terrain is enveloped with snow and winter is the best period of the year if you want to enjoy the beauty of the snow clad sphere of Solan and indulge in the adventurous winter sports. The winter nights here are extremely freezing and nippy and tourists are highly recommended to carry heavy woolen clothes along if they are planning to pay a visit to Solan in winter.
October and November are the mildest months of the year and considered as the perfect term for tourism purposes. Yet, Solan is an all weather tourism hub and this land is crowded with innumerable tourists all round the year.