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Weather In Patiala

Patiala experiences tropical and dry climatic conditions. The basic seasons experienced in this part of the country include summer, monsoon and winter. Even though you can pay a visit to Patiala all round the year, the perfect period for tourism is winter, the most pleasant season of the calendar.

Summer:knocks the doors of Patiala in the month of March and bids goodbye in June. May is the hottest month of the year in Patiala. Summer is exceptionally hot and dry here and it is not at all suitable for traveling and sightseeing, particularly for the visitors alighted from the cold regions of the world. The maximum temperature of Patiala in summer is reported to be reaching the level of 43c and it doesnt go down the mark of 30c, which happens to be the minimum temperature here. It is advisable not to visit Patiala for tourism purposes during the months of summer.

Monsoon: sets in during the month of June or early July and extends till early October. Rain drenches the city with good showers and gives a good relief from the broiling heat of summer. The temperature is brought down to a substantial level by these rejuvenating downpours. Patiala rains are quite unpredictable so it is advisable to carry an umbrella or a raincoat along with you all the time.

Winter: ranges between late October and mid February. During the winter months, the temperature reaches to its maximum level, which being 25c. The minimum temperature in Patiala sometimes also crosses the mark of 5c. Winter is the best time to visit Patiala as weather is exclusively pleasant and amicable in this season.