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A municipal corporation of south east Punjab and the administrative capital of Patiala District, Patiala is a megalopolis expanded encircling an imposing Fort named Qila Mubarak. The city aggrandized for its classic tradition of Pagri (turban), Parandis (a tasseled tag for pleated hair), Phulkari, Jutti (footwear), Patiala Salwar (a unique female trouser) and Patiala Peg (a unit of measuring liquor), is much accredited in popular Indian Culture today. Patiala is a city that has laid down a banquet of baronial legacy, transcendental and grand demeanor, empyreal monuments and edifices, seraphic gardens, an incandescent rainbow of Rajput, Mughal and Punjabi heritage and a splendid fusion of tradition and modernism. Patiala, the comparatively youngest city of the state of Punjab is esteemed for retaining its old world charisma.
Regarded to be amongst the prominent cities of the state, Patiala is a proud home to a number of eminent governmental organizations videlicet, Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (NIS), Punjab State Archives, Punjab State Electricity Board, The Northern Religion Centre, Public Service Commission, Income Tax Department and the Head Quarters of the State Bank of Patiala. Moreover, Patiala is also a dignified doc of the most prestigious army formation of the state. Perpetrating as a foremost merchandise axle in the days of yore, the present day Patiala too is thriving as a leading industrial hub. Patiala has also emerged as a major educational polestar of Northern India after Independence. The city boasts of a number of premier educational institutes like Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, The University of Punjab, Thapar University, Mohindra College, Government Medical College, and many more.
Positioned approximately 65 kilometers from the state capital Chandigarh in the Malwa region of Punjab, Patiala is also recognized by the title; the ‘city of newspapers’. This is the second ranking media hub of Punjab and also the home to the celebrated printing press of Munshi Nawal Kishore founded in 19th century. Patiala is also the august patron of a glorious Hindustani Classical Gharana named Patiala Gharana. Other than that, a number of dignitaries of India namely Abhinav Bindra, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Om Puri, Gul Panag, Jimmy Shergill, and the first Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma are from Patiala. This metropolitan, flourished with rich cultural and historical patrimony has today rendered itself a premier tourist destination of the state of Punjab, as well as the northern hemisphere of the country.

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