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Weather In Khajuraho

Khajuraho faces an extreme type of tropical climate with acute temperature variations. In summer temperature boosts up to 47c and in winter it goes as down as 4c. Summer ranges from April to June when the climate is extremely hot and the sun mercilessly sucks all the energy out of you. 47c being the maximum recorded temperature of summer at Khajuraho, going out during the daytime is quite unbearable. However at times drastic fluctuations in mercury have been recorded and at night temperature can go down up to 21c.

Winter generally starts in the month of November and bids goodbye in the month of February. These months experience typical continental climate when days are comparatively warm and nights grow quite chilly and cold. The maximum temperature in winter reaches up to 32c and it drops as down as 4c at nights. As the climate is quite pleasant and the popular Dance Festival of Khajuraho is also organized in winter, October to March is the best season to visit this historical and cultural hamlet.

Monsoon drenches the plateaus of Khajuraho for 3 months from July to September. Rains pour very heavily here and humidity goes high too. The average annual rainfall of Khajuraho is recorded to be 45 inches (114 cm).