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Gulmarg is one of the premier hill resorts of India. Cradled up in the lap of the Himalayas and shimmering in its own right, Gulmarg houses some of the most breath taking snow peaks of Asia. Located almost 57 kilometers away from Srinagar in the district of Baramula Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is capable of inspiring in any traveler feelings of awe and wonder.
Gulmarg is a Saucer shaped bowl that is sought after because of its pristine landscape, vast expanses of lush green slopes, snow capped mountains, flowery gardens, a cool yet rejuvenating weather and serene lakes. The ever widening horizon behind the fields of rice, cluster of walnut, pear and mulberry, ridges, meadows and fairytale like cottages, emit a sensuous charm because of the splendid backdrop of the towery mountains. It is also one of the premier ski resorts of the country in winter. The famous Gondola cable car ride, which is the highest and longest cable car ride in Asia, has immortalized the name of Gulmarg in the world community. The frozen Alpathar lake and Khilanmarg are the lesser known but equally beautiful places in and around Gulmarg.

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Hotel Grand Mumtaz
Near Gondola, GULMARG
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Hotel Highlands Park
Outer Gulmarg Link, GULMARG
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The Vintage
Circular Road, GULMARG