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Gulmarg Tourism

State : Jammu and Kashmir
District : Baramula
Type of Tourism : Srinagar, Baramulla, Amarnath, Pahalgam and Sonmarg
Climate : Summer 5 to 40°C, Winter -14 to 24°C
Rainfall : Moderate: between June to September
Altitude :2690meters from Sea Level
Best Tourist Season : April to June
Clothing recommended: Heavy woolens in winters and light woolens for summer.
Languages spoken : Kashmiri and Hindi

About Gulmarg

Gulmarg is one of the premier hill resorts of India. Cradled up in the lap of the Himalayas and shimmering in its own right, Gulmarg houses some of the most breath taking snow peaks of Asia. Located almost 57 kilometers away from Srinagar in the district of Baramula Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is capable of inspiring in any traveler feelings of awe and wonder.
Gulmarg is a Saucer shaped bowl that is sought after because of its pristine landscape, vast expanses of lush green slopes, snow capped mountains, flowery gardens, a cool yet rejuvenating weather and serene lakes. The ever widening horizon behind the fields of rice, cluster of walnut, pear and mulberry, ridges, meadows and fairytale like cottages, emit a sensuous charm because of the splendid backdrop of the towery mountains. It is also one of the premier ski resorts of the country in winter. The famous Gondola cable car ride, which is the highest and longest cable car ride in Asia, has immortalized the name of Gulmarg in the world community. The frozen Alpathar lake and Khilanmarg are the lesser known but equally beautiful places in and around Gulmarg.

History Of Gulmarg

Owing to the heavenly beauty of the place, Gulmarg has always been an apple of the eye for Kings and Emperors over generations. It has been the resort for King Yousuf Shah Chak and Emperor Jahangir who frequented this place, being mesmerized with its beauty. In fact, the old name of the place, “Gaurimarg”(Gauri is the name of the wife of Shiva) was replaced by King Yousuf to Gulmarg, meaning “the valley of flowers”. The residents in Gulmarg are very few in number. The Hotel Employees and guests are all that stay there. Because of a curfew imposed by the army in 1990, everyone is instructed to leave the place after sunset. However, with the depleting number of army in Gulmarg, it is gradually becoming one of the most visited hill resorts in the country.

Adventure Sports In Gulmarg

Ski: Gulmarg is a hotspot for skiing in the winter months when there is heavy snowfall.
Trekking: The vast undulating slopes of Gulmarg are a paradise for trekking enthusiast
Golf: The Gulmarg Golf club established by the British is a must see for the tourists.
Gondola Lift: A Cable car ride from the hamlet of Gondola is fascinating and charming.

What To Eat In Gulmarg

Irrespective of your orientation Gulmarg offers food for both Vegetarions as well as Non-Vegetarions.
Non-Vegstarian dishes: The principle ingredient of the native dishes is rice, served with mutton, chicken, or fish along with vegetables. Rogan josh(meatballs in gravy) is famous for its yummy taste.
Vegetarian Dishes: Vegetarian dishes include Dum Aloo (potato in thick gravy) and Chaman(pneer, deep fried and immersed in thick sauce)
Beverage: For beverage, the local Kashmiri Green tea called Kahwa is usually a hot favourite amongst the travelers. It is extremely effective in keeping up the body heat.
The restaurants and Dhabas are spread all over the place but are mostly centered in the parking lots.