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Adventure Sports In Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a paradise for people in love with adventure, thrill and enthusiasm. The pleasant weather acts as a catalyst to all the wild fantasies while vigour and passion reach a superlative degree. In fact CNN has ascribed Gulmarg as the “heart of winter sports in India”. Some of the most popular sports are as follows:
Skiing: The Gulmarg Health Resort is considered as the seventh best Ski destination in Asia. Skiing normally is carried out between December to mid April, when most of Gulmarg wraps itself in a thick blanket of glistened smooth snow. Over the years Gulmarg has seen the enormous growth of skiing resorts, where all ski facilities are available. A tourist can get hold of skiing guides from Government shops or these resorts. Gulmarg was even being considered as a possible host of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Gulmarg therefore, ensures every possibility of a holiday of skiing, snowballing and an overall fun filled vacation.
Trekking: Gulmarg provides the best opportunities for trekking in India. Some of the trekking tracks of medium as well as difficult order pass across Gulmarg. There are a number of resorts supporting the trekking facilities. They offer a guide as well.
The trekking enthusiasts especially feel thrilled by following the Gulmarg-Alpather and Gulmarg-Khilanmarg tracks. The swelling snow shrouded expanses of the Himalayan region with the winds whispering past, offer a never to be forgotten experience for the trekkers. With the royal presence of the Nanga Parbat, and dense forests hemming its outline provide a visual treat for any tourist.
Gondola Lift: Gondola is a small county nestled up in the gallery of high peaked Himalayas. An apparently virgin village, Gondola reminds any traveler of the viginettes of small counties in the fairytale books of children. The pristine and immaculate landscape is further complemented with the never ending horizon of snow.
The little town of Gondola has its claim of popularity amongst the tourists for having the cable car track above it- the longest and also the highest in Asia. This two stage rope way commutes around 600 people to and from Kongdoor ountains. The cable car is a joint project of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the French firm, Pomagalski. This cable car track is called the Gondola lift. This passes between Gulmarg and Kongdoor. The bewitching view of the valleys and the verdant meadows are unparallel memories for any environmentalist and nature enthusiast.
Golf: The Gulmarg Golf club established in 1911 was the summer resort for the British, where they enjoyed Golf behind a backdrop of nature at its verdant best. Ever since then this golf corse has been the most green and fertile golf course in the whole country.
The few chosen visitors enjoy some of the best features of a Golf course like, an 18 hole and 72 par golf course. Golf enthusiasts find this course even more endearing because of its flexibility of management that grants membership even for a day. This is promoted and taken care of by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism development Corporation.