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Gulmarg Sightseeing

Baba Reshi ShrineLocated between Gulmarg and the town of Tangmang
St. Mary’s Church Located in the heart of Gulmarg
Shiva Temple Situated on a small hillock in the centre of Gulmarg
Alpathar Lake Around 3 km from Gulmarg at the foot of the Apharwat peaks
Khilanmarg Located short 4 km from Gulmarg
Firozepur Nallah Situated 5 Km away from Gulmarg

Religious destinations in Gulmarg

Baba Reshi Shrine

Location: Between Gulmarg and the town of Tangmang
Built in 1480, this Mosque was dedicated to Baba Reshi, a famous Muslim scholar and Sage. He was an important in the court of the celebrated king of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abidin and is widely acclaimed as a messenger of the Almighty. Placed in the midst of a luxuriant garden, the Shrine is a highly sought after attraction visited by devotees all around the year. The structure of the Shrine clearly emits heavy Persian and Muslim influences.

St. Mary’s Church

Location: In the heart of Gulmarg
A relic from the British era, this is one of the rare specimens of Christian presence in Jammu and Kashmir. Built almost one and a half centuries ago, the church widely resonate British Architectural design and style. Adding to the scenic beauty of the church are the beautiful Alpine trees that provide the Church with a Guard of Honor. The few hotels and cottages around the church are built to facilitate the breath taking sights of snowfalling in winter.

Shiva Temple

Location: On a small hillock in the centre of Gulmarg
Advantageously located, the Shiva temple can be sen from all the corners of Gulmarg. It was a frequent place of visit and worship for the Kashmir Royalties. Noteworthy for the heavy artwork on its outer side, the temple is open from 6 in the morning to 9 at night.

Nature in Gulmarg

Alpathar Lake

Location: Around 3 km from Gulmarg at the foot of the Apharwat peaks
Alpathar is a frozen lake on the valleys of the Twin Mountains of Afarwat peaks, with an altitude of 4511 meters. Of a unique triangular shape structure, the Alpathar lake takes the beauty and serenity of the surrounding to a sublime level. Against a backdrop of lush green mountains and Alpine trees, the lake provides an experience of a lifetime to any nature lover.
The beauty of the lake follows a duality throughout the year. Till the month of June, the cool climate preserves the coating of ice on the lake. Yet as the temperature rises clear streams of water lap along the banks of this pristine little water body, garnished with small little ice pieces reminding one of the icings on a piece of cake. The lake also is a dream destination for the trekkers, as it can be reached by following the surging and snow laden mountain range, thus enticing the adventure loving tourists.


Location: Short 4 km from Gulmarg
Very near Gulmarg, Khilanmarg offers a never to be forgotten experience for the travelers. A gradient of about 600 meters can take a traveler to Khilanmarg. The dense forests against a foreground of lush green valleys waiting to be explored by the wander thirsty souls, makes this sweet little place endearing and ennobling. The most striking thing about this place is the variety and unique appearance of the flower beds. With the wind softly caressing the beds of flowers, Khilanmarg is ruffled by an immensely appealing fragrance all day long. In fact, Khilanmarg can safely be called the very representative of Kashmir with its perfect balance of colour, aroma and coolness.

Firozepur Nallah

Location: 5 Km away from Gulmarg
Ferozepur Nallah is a small stream famous for trout fishing. Since the place is just 5 Km away from Gulmarg, it can also be accessed by walking for about 3 Km down the valleythrough the gap of Tanmarg and then heading South.