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The Jim Corbett National Park, the cardinal affiliate of the ‘Project Tiger’ of India and the earliest National Park ever established in the whole of Mainland Asia is a wildlife sanctuary that fundamentally aims at harbouring and conserving the Bengal Tigers; one of the most endangered species of the Indian Animalia. Constituted as the ‘Hailey National Park’ in the year 1936, this historical game refuge was rechristened as the ‘Jim Corbett National Park’ after the name of Jim Corbett; a British hunter who later turned conversationalist, naturalist and an author and significantly contributed in the formation of this nature preserve. Spread across the Nainital and Pauri districts of the state of Uttarakhand and covering an extensive area of 521 sq. kilometres the Jim Corbett National Park forms the ‘Corbett Tiger Reserve’ (measuring 1288 sq. km.) in collaboration with its adjacent ‘Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary’ and the Reserve Forest Areas. Bequeathed with an assorted geographical montage characterised with both plain & mountainous and dry & wet forests & grasslands, the Corbett National Park nurtures innumerable pedigrees of botanical and zoological subsistence, the most salient being the Bengal Tigers and the Asiatic Elephants. Reckoned all over the globe as an ecotourism destination and also commended as a dreamland for the animal lovers and adventure aficionados, the Jim Corbett National Park receives over 70,000 Indian and foreign visitors every season.

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The Solluna Resort
Marchula, CORBETT
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The Corbett Hideaway
Dhikuli, CORBETT
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The Golden Tusk
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Brys Caves, Corbett
Bhakrakot, CORBETT