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Weather In Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park and the surrounding terrain experience a humid subtropical and highland climate which is characterized with pleasant winters, moderate summers and wet monsoons. The weather in this Tiger Refuge is comparatively more temperate and agreeable as weighed against most other wildlife sanctuaries of the Indian Terra Firma.

Summer in Corbett extends from March to June when the average daily temperature remains in the range of 30c. During summers the mercury recurrently touches the level of 40c; however it hardly goes beyond 44c. At times this Tiger Asylum is drenched by the off seasonal rains in summer which occasionally generate flooding in the park. The vegetation of the jungle withers in summer but this is quite a suitable time for tourism activities in the National Park. Tourists can roam around the sanctuary enjoying their wildlife safaris during summer as the Corbett National Park remains open for more time due to more sunlight during this season. Moreover, summer is also the most ideal season for other adventure activities and exciting jungle expeditions.

Monsoon sets in during the month of July and lasts till September when this nature preserve receives heavy to very heavy downpours. The annual precipitation of the Jim Corbett National Park is recorded to be between 1400 mm and 2800 mm. During this period certain zones of the Corbett National Park are closed for tourist visits. Embellished with the plethora of fresh verdure basking in the sparkling glory of its immaculate youthfulness, the woods of the National Park are at their best during the rainy season. Notwithstanding, the Corbett National Park gathers light sporadic drizzles all round the year.

Winter extends from November to February when the temperature ranges between 5c and 30c on an average. The winter mornings are cold and foggy and the nights are chilly and freezing but the pleasurable and jovial afternoons turn out to be absolutely fitting for the thrilling safari rides through the inner recesses of the jungle.

Mid November to Mid June is the most ideal period for visiting the Jim Corbett National Park.