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Goa Tourist Tips

Telophone Code : India (0832), International (+91)
Pin Code: 403001- 403806
Best Time to Visit : All through the Year
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Shopping Tips


The Goans are extremely hospitable and cool. The temperament is that of warmth and friendliness

Best clothing and accessories required

Light Cotton clothes all round the year. However, drink water bottles and handkerchiefs are the must-haves no matter which season the city of Goa is paid a visit.


Shacks in the roadside and the beaches are lined with a number of shacks. Some of the most acquired items from them are as follows:
Feni: Feni is the native liquor that is widely sold in almost every gift shop. Reputed brands of Feni are a delicacy among the tourists from all over the world.
Cashew nuts: The local Cashew nuts that are available in different sizes and packets can be salted, plain or Masala flavored. These are available in attractive gift wraps and are very popular among the tourists. Azulejos: The Azulejos are the Portuguese style painted tiles featuring typical Goan scenes and mountains. These can be in the form of wall hangings, jewellery boxes, coasters and picture frames
Chitaris: These are the Lacquered articles from South Goa that is much in demand among the Tourists.
Chiffonsand colorful printed sarongs.