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Goa Culture

The mood that primarily prevails in Goa is that of indolence and languor. If you want to explore the beautiful country of Goa to the fullest and be part of its magic, you are advised to shed the fast life-style of the cities and bask in the glory of a laidback holiday.
Goa- the land of alternative Tourisn
Apart from being the abode of some of the finest beaches in Asia, Goa also commits a holistic well being to its tourists. This is evident by the numerous number of masseuse and shacks along the beaches, and a prominent location given to spas in almost every hotel.
Whether it is a sophisticated spa parlor in a five star hotel or a beachside shack offering body, foot and head massage at a throw away price, the alternative wellness ways that Goa offers in the manner of Vipassna retreat, Iyengar Yoga Session or any other name given to the basic Ayurvrdic massage, the comfort and contentment experienced is personalized, gratifying and wholesome.
Hence the scene of people relaxing in the tiny shacks that the beach is dotted with is common and representative of the inherent balmy effect of the air of Goa.

Fairs and Festivals in Goa

Being a melting pot of cultures, traditions and race of both the oriental and occidental world, the Goans believe in living life to the hilt. Among the numerous fairs and festivals that adorn the socio-cultural fabric of Goa, some are enlisted below:-
Goa Carnival: -Though the Goans observe a number of carnivals, this annual celebration that normally happens in the month of February is awaited throughout the year. Deriving its name from the Portuguese word ‘carnival’ meaning ‘to take away meat’, the Goa carnival is a nonstop 3 day festival that floods the streets of Goa with color, aroma, music and jig. This is the biggest of all parties that hit the beaches of Goa and is participated by tourists and natives in large numbers.
Festival at St. Anthony: If the monsoon doesn’t hit the beaches of Goa till the 13th of June, the statue of St. Anthony is lowered for the public to get a closer view. By popular belief, this ascertains the coming of the rains.
Kesarbai Kerkar Music Festival: This annual event is organized every November to commemorate the memory of Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar, a famous Hindustani singer. Noted singers from all over India participate in this festival along with the renowned dancers in the classical field
Goa Heritage Festival: This annual event held every November both displays and preserves the rich and unique cultural heritage of India.