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Goa Tourism

The Beach Capital of India

State : Goa
Type of Tourism : Beach Tourism, Ayurveda Tourism, Heritage Tourism
Area : 3702 square kilometers
Population : 13, 47,668 (as per 2001 census)
Altitude : 60 meters
Best Tourist Season : October to March
Clothing recommended: Cotton all year round
Adventure sports : Banana and Ringo Ridges, Fishing, karting, jet skiing, parasailing, speedboat rides and water skiing..
What to buy : Cashew nuts, Chitaris, Azulejos and sarongs.
Liquor Specialties : Feni.

About Goa

Remember the days at school when at the end of every term you dreamt of a holiday destination the very name of which would breathe sea, sand and sun; where the bounding waves would create a relentless lull and the party around you would never end.
If you still think that such a place is fictitious, it is time for you to pay a visit to Goa, the gorgeous land blessed with a tropical climate, fun loving and hospitable people and above all a stunning sea. Snuggled in the western coast of India, Goa is one of the smallest of its states. Located in a region known as “Konkan”, Goa is bound by the state of Maharashtra to the North, Karnataka to the East and South and the Arabian Sea in its Western Coast.
A former Portuguese enclave, Goa truly represents a potpourri of the oriental and occidental cultures, traditions and heritage. With its silvery palm fringed beaches, golden talcum sand and ravish parties that linger on till the wee hours of the morning, Goa casts an inebriating charm on all lovers of nature.
The ancient forts and Churches, mansions and Museums, temples and tombs along with the various carnivals that adorn the life of the fun loving Goans is sure to steal the hearts of all the tourists regardless of age, needs and aspirations.
Free from the ‘rush culture’ of city life, Goa also is a Haven for the adventure sports enthusiasts. Wind surfing, water skiing; sailing, water-scooters, and dolphin spotting cruises are only some of the exciting and adventurous sports that greet the tourists in every beach of Goa, thus adding an extra spring to its ever jubilant mood. The crux of the life of the Goans consists of food, dance, music and festivities.