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Weather In Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj, snuggled amidst the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges at the elevation of about 2082 meters above the sea level is a famous Hill Resort in the state of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. Much admired by the British Officials as a favorite summer retreat, the general climate of Mcleodganj is characterized with moderate summers, cold and chilly winters and medium to heavy rainfall.

Summer in Mcleodganj extends from March to June when the temperature variation is recorded to be ranging between 23c and 27c. Mercury sometimes reaches up to 38c but never goes beyond that. The summer days in Mcleodganj are salubrious and pleasant while the nights are considerably cool and frigid. The tourists are advised to carry light woolen clothes along even if they are paying a visit to Mcleodganj in summer because even in the month of March you are going to need a heavy winter coat. Summer is the best season for sight seeing as well as adventure sports in Mcleodganj and the city is throbbing with deluge of tourists during this period of the year.

Monsoon reaches Mcleodganj plateau in the month of July and drenches the region with its heavy rains till September. The average annual rainfall of Mcleodganj is reported to be about 290 cm to 380 cm which happens to be the second highest rainfall in the whole country. It is advocated to avoid visiting Mcleodganj during monsoon.

Winter sets in during the month of November and retains its reigns till late February or early March. During the winter months, particularly in January the temperature of Mcleodganj can drop as down as -1c and during the months of December and January the entire terrain is carpeted with snow. Sometimes the heavy snowfalls even block the roads. The tourists are recommended to wear heavy woolen clothes while visiting Mcleodganj in winter. Even though Mcleodganj can be visited all round the year, it is best to avoid the winter month unless you want to witness the glory of the snow enveloped mountain peaks and snow shrouded landscape. The maximum temperature of winter in Mcleodganj hardly goes up to 20c.
The most important festival of Mcleodganj viz. Losar; the Tibetan New Year is celebrated in the month of February or March with unlimited enthusiasm and zest. Mcleodganj receives the maximum number of its visitors at this time.