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Mcleodganj Tourism

The Little Lhasa
State : Himachal Pradesh
District: Kangra
Type of Tourism : Hill Station
Population : 60,000(As per Indian census- 2001)
Altitude : 2,082 meters
Best Tourist Season : February to November
Clothing recommended : Light woolen in summer, heavy woolen in winter
Languages spoken : Pahari, Tibetan, Hindi, English
Telephone Code : India (01892), International (+91)
Pin Code : 176219
What to buy : Tibetan Artifacts, Bronze Statues, Prayer Thangkas, Metal Prayer Wheels, Tibetan Carpets, Hand Made Tibetan Paper, Local Handicrafts, Wooden Masks, Metal Votive Objects, Beads and Baubles, Corals, Rubies, Topaz, Himalaya Herbal Teas, Indian and Tibetan Jewellery, Chubas, Masks, Muesli, Bottled Products, Statuettes, Other Artifacts, Hand Painted T-Shirts, Buddhist Paintings, Musical Instruments, Pullovers, Jackets, Caps, Socks, Ponchos, etc.
Shopping Tips : Must Bargain
Food Specialties : Momos, Thupkas, Tingmo, Wantons, Falafel, Thupten, Local Kangri Baath, Pocha, etc.
Local transportation : On foot, Auto Rickshaw, Bus

About Mcleodganj

Ubiquitously acknowledged as the abode of His Highness 14th Dalai Lama and nicknamed as ‘the Little Lhasa’, Mcleodganj, cuddled in the mystic lap of Dhauladhar Mountains in the ‘Upper Dharamsala’ is a dandy little town that incessantly draws oodles of tourists to its comely billet. Also reckoned by the epithet ‘Dhasa’, Mcleodganj; a miniature Tibet in India receives its title from the name of the then Lieutenant Governor of Punjab; Sir Donald Friell McLeod. This suburb of Dharamsala bequeathed with ancient temples, Buddhist monasteries and quaint old world charm is acclaimed in all quarters as the pivot of Tibetan and Buddhist lifestyle and culture. Enclosed by thick Forests of Kangra Valley clad with Pine, Deodar, Oak and Rhododendron woods and characterized with high altitude and pleasing ambience Mcleodganj is indeed an idyllic retreat in the cradle nourished with boundless natural elegance. Tourists, in the pursuit of tranquility, solace, leisure and spirituality often find their way to Mcleodganj. Mcleodganj a blossoming center of learning Tibetan Astrology and Tibetan Naturopathy is also a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

History Of Mcleodganj

Originally inhabited by the ethnic Gaddi tribes and governed by one of the world’s oldest royal families; Katoch Dynasty, Mcleodganj was annexed to the British territory in India in the year 1849 subsequent to the Second Anglo-Sikh War. Christened in the honor of the then Lieutenant Governor of Punjab; Sir Donald Friell McLeod, Mcleodganj; a twin town of ForsythGanj was an important civilian settlement of Dharamshala Cantonment. Much cherished by the British officials as an escape from the scorching summers of Indian plains, Mcleodganj underwent slow but steady development over the years and by 1904 it had become a foremost axis of commerce, trade as well as all the official activities of the Kangra District. Unfortunately the fatal Kangra earthquake of 1905 destroyed most of the Mcleodganj. This little town again came into limelight after the independence when the 14th Dalai Lama ‘Tenzin Gyatso’ fled to India in March 1959 and with an aid from the Government of India established the ‘Government of Tibet in Exile’ at Mcleodganj. Henceforward, Mcleodganj became the official headquarter of Dalai Lama and a number of Buddhist monasteries were built here. Thousands of Tibetan refugees consequently found shelter at Mcleodganj and formed a small integrated Tibet in India. Present day Mcleodganj is an axel of Buddhist culture and learning in India and a preeminent hill resort thronged by myriads of tourists every summer.