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Mahabaleshwar Culture

Endowed with unparagoned natural beauty characterized by panoramic valleys, splendid cloudy mountains, surging waterfalls, sparkling brooks, verdurous woods, winding paths, beautiful flora, tempting strawberry farms, amicable climate and pleasant atmosphere, Mahabaleshwar is a renowned and reputed Hill Station of Indian peninsula. Thousands of tourists report to this fairyland every year and relax in the lap of Mother Nature away from the hustle bustle of city life. Vitally fostered as a hill resort and a foremost tourist destination, the culture of Mahabaleshwar unfolds a sheer tourism facet. Visitors enjoy sightseeing and other adventure and fun activities such as boating, fishing, trekking, horse riding etc. here. Daily sightseeing tours are arranged at Mahabaleshwar which cover all the major attractions of the place in 3 to 4 hours.
Mahabaleshwar welcomes the citizens as well as the tourists following different religious faiths in its cosmopolitan culture. Marathi, the state language is the most spoken tongue in Mahabaleshwar and the lifestyle here essentially reveals the core Maharashtrian culture under the influence of the torrents of modernization. Other than Marathi, widely used languages include Hindi and English. The most important festival of Maharashtrian culture; Ganesh Chaturthi, is celebrated here with immeasurable pomp and enthusiasm. Diwali renders the entire hill station illuminated with multitudinous lights and many beautiful decorations. Strawberry Festival is a unique prospect of Mahabaleshwar culture. This popular festival is celebrated in the month of March for two days. All the festivals celebrated here are augmented by the pantomimes of music, dance and songs.
Mahabaleshwar markets are thronged with local specialties like Strawberries, Mulberries, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Carrots, Honey, Fruit Products such as; Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Crushes, Roasted Chickpea Nuts, Chikki, Handcrafted Leather Footwear like Kolhapuri Slippers, Fancy Walking Sticks, Tribal Trinkets etc. Tourists never forget to buy these fruit products and take them home as remembrance. Other cuisines of Mahabaleshwar include boiled and roasted corn, corn Pattice, Vada Pav, small tomatoes and Gujarati Thali, and so on.