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Weather In Mahabaleshwar

Incandescently roosted in the lofty mountain ranges of Sahyadri in Western Ghats, this overwhelming hill resort affluent with its sublime natural beauty enjoys pleasant and delightful climate all round the year. Though October to June is affirmed as the ideal season to visit this blissful land of Mahabaleshwar, tourists are drawn towards this abode of ecstasy the whole year.

Summer in Mahabaleshwar ranges from March to mid June when days are warm but the temperature notably drops at night. The maximum average temperature of summer in Mahabaleshwar is reported to be 29c and that of minimum is 18c. During these 4 months of summer Mahabaleshwar is most visited by both native and international tourists.

Winter rings the doorbell in November and stays till mid March. It renders the climate significantly chilly and frigid when temperature falls as low as 5c. The maximum temperature of Mahabaleshwar in winter is reported to be around 24c. Even though, due to its adjacency with Arabian Sea, Mahabaleshwar doesnt have to endure any extreme kind of climate.

Monsoon sets in during mid June and remains till September. This season is characterized by wet and damp weather and the plateau faces almost continuous rainfalls. Owing to the consistent downpour, we do not witness much tourism enterprise on this hill station at this time. Rain showers infuse life in every aspect of nature and the terrain turns absolutely celestial during this season.