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Mahabaleshwar, an alpine just descended from the heaven and frequently honored by the title ‘Queen of the Ghats’ is the most altitudinous, most pulchritudinous, surpassingly promoted and progressed and most beloved hill resort of western India. Alighted at the elevation of nearly 1,438 meters in Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar boasts of possessing one of the few evergreen forests in the world. This convivial berth used to serve as the summer capital of the erstwhile Bombay Province during British Raj when the British officials sought retreat from the scorching summer sun of Bombay to this Promised Land. This alluring Arcadia furbished with splendid orchids, graceful lilies and luscious strawberries was evolved and expanded as a hill station in the year 1828 by Sir John Malcolm. He was a Scottish soldier who served as the governor of Bombay for 3 years.
Mahabaleshwar, skirted on all the sides by lovely valleys embellished with pristine natural beauty, is the synthesis of three villages namely; Malcolm Peth, Old "Kshetra" Mahabaleshwar and a part of Shindola village. This is also the originating point of the second longest river of the country - river Krishna. A widely recognized hill station and an eminent honeymoon point; Mahabaleshwar is a paradise personified for nature lovers and peace seekers. The beguiling natural beauty of this Utopia also summons myriads of filmmakers and producers to come and captivate the unparalleled luster of cosmos and make it eternal. Placid lakes, lush green hills, cascading waterfalls and winding rivers augment the picturesque beauty of this turf.
Christened in the honor of the celebrated temple of Lord Mahabaleshwar (Lord Shiva), this holiday home is also a venerable Hindu pilgrimage of the state of Maharashtra. The word ‘Mahabaleshwar’ implies the Lord of Great Powers. Well known for the delicious strawberries and mulberries, pure honey and canned fruit products, Mahabaleshwar is visited by innumerable tourists both Indian and foreigners every year. Variety of sports, adventure and leisure activities such as boating, fishing, horse riding, trekking and golf bid myriads of enthusiasts to this dream world came alive. Mahabaleshwar is a Garden of Eden ascended on the earth in its real sense. Everybody must visit this vicinity offering perennial euphoria and perpetual jubilation at least once in a life time.

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Exotic Home Stay - Panchgani
Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Road, MAHABALESHWAR