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Lonavala Tourism

Where nature reveals itself
State : Maharashtra
District : Pune
Type of Tourism : Hill Station Tourism, eco tourism
Area : 38 square kilometers
Population : 55,650 (as per 2001 census)
Altitude : 622 meters .
Best Tourist Season : October- May
Clothing recommended: Light cottons in summer and woolens in winter. An umbrella and a raincoat are a must even in the winter months. Footwear must consist of hiking boots
Languages spoken : Hindi, Marathi and English
Local Transportation : Autorickshaw, taxis, rented bicycles
Adventure sports : Trekking, Hiking
What to buy : Chikki, Bhajia, Vadapao
Food Specialties : Chikki

About Lonavala

Though it was first discovered by Lord Elphinstone, the Governer General of the Bombay Presidency in 1871, Lonavla has come a long way since its inception. Located about 64km from Pune and 96km from the state capital Mumbai, this sleepy little hamlet, perched up at a height of 622 meters, is a favorite getaway destination for the urban populace. Spread over an area of 38 square kilometers, it holds the promise of pristine beauty and harmony of nature.
Owing its name to the native word ‘lonavali’, meaning ‘surrounded with caves’, the town of Lonavla is cradled in the Sahyadri range that segregates the Deccan plateau from the Konkan Coast. The verdant surroundings of this picturesque little town of Maharashtra has the potential of enthralling even the sturdiest of human kind. With a cool and refreshing breeze permeating the hinterland, Lonavla is home to imposing mountains, steep mist clad valleys and surging waterfalls
The best season to enjoy the natural beauty of Lonavla is during the months of monsoon that turns even the small rivulets of this town into cascading waterfalls. Being close to two of the most heavily industrialized town of Maharashtra, namely Pune and Mumbai, Lonavla has become the most cherished and highly frequented weekend destination for the city dwellers in search for an opportunity to rediscover themselves in the light of natural beauty and charm.
Lonavla is an ideal place both for honeymooners as well as children out for their school excursions. The elegant beauty that defines the region has something for everyone in her kitty. It is also neighbor to another beautiful destination called Khandala. Lonavla is even known for its famous sweet called Chikki that is widely adored and craved for by people irrespective of age and culture

Lonavala Culture

Lonavla is a tiny hamlet of Maharshtra that personifies beauty, tranquility and charm. Being close to both Mumbai and Pune, the town is thronged by hundreds of nature enthusiasts every year, particularly during the monsoons
A lot of people have started buying homes which are primarily seasonal retreats. Since Lonavla is a beautiful place where anyone from Mumbai can go on a weekend and relax away from the traffic and noise of Mumbai.This has primarily led to many developers building properties in Lonavla.A lot of developers have built luxurious properties in Lonavla like Tata Housing Development Company which is building it's luxury property Privet