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Weather In Lonavala

March To May: These three months comprises the summer season in Lonavla. Temperatures mostly remain within a range of 16 to 18 degree Celsius and can rise to a maximum of 34 degrees. This hill station is extremely pleasant even during summer owing to the short intermittent spells of rain and the cool breeze that permeates the town throughout the year. Light cotton clothes are recommended for these summer months.

June to September: If you want to see the real beauty of Lonavla, give it a visit anytime from the mid of June till September. These are the months that witness the incoming of the South Westerley Monsoon in Maharashtra. The average annual rainfall of Lonavla is 450 cm.

November to March: Winter sets in Lonavla by the middle of November. Temperatures mostly vary from 12 to 20 degree Celsius and can reach a maximum of 33 degree Celsius. Many tourists like visiting Lonavla during the winter months, as the weather becomes congenial for hiking, trekking and all other sorts of adventure sports.