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Kottayam Tourism

State : Kerela
District : Kottayam
Area : 180 square kilometers
Population : 60,725(according to 2001 census)
Climate : High level of humidity with the annual temperature ranging from 20 to 35 degree Celsius.
Rainfall : June through September
Altitude : 3 meters above sea level
Best Tourist Season : October to March
Clothing recommended: Light Cotton clothes
Languages spoken : Malayalam and English
Adventure sports : Boat racing
Attractions : Annual Food Festival

About Kottayam

Kottayam, with its paraphernalia of mist clad mountains, pristine lakes, vast expanses of ripe paddy fields, a rich cultural heritage and a forward looking mindset, epitomizes the essence of “God’s own country”, Kerela. Being the Headquarters of the district by the same name, Kottayam is often referred to as the “Land of Letters, Latex and Lakes”. This is because, not only is it the most industrially developed town of the state, but also the first among the other states of India to achieve the status of a hundred percent literacy.
Located at the foothills of the Western Ghats, This backwater town is an important trading centre for cash crops like rubber, cardamom, tea and pepper. Adding to the intellectual capital of the state are a number of headquarters of newspapers, magazines and periodicals published in Malayalam as well as English.
Kottayam is also located in a premier location for visiting the nearby tourist attractions like Thekkady, Kovalam, Idukki, Ernakulum and Madurai.

Adventure sports in Kottayam

Boat Racing: Numerous traditional boats of about 50 varieties are seen to participate in boat races that add further cheer to the festival of Onam in the months of July, August and September. Such boat races are magnificent to look at and even more thrilling to participate in.

Attractions in Kottayam

Annual Food Festival: The annual food festival that happens in Kottayam is a celebration of different flavors, spices and variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.
Annual Flower show: This annual festival reveals nature in her colorful best. Flowers of every conceivable color, aroma and size are showcased in this annual fare. Lovers of nature and beauty find this show immensely appealing and outstanding.

What to Eat in Kottayam

Apart from the regular dishes, that comprise the specialty of the Kerela cuisine, numerous other cafés and restaurants offer food that are either categorized as North Indian, Chinese or Continental.
A large number of bakeries are also present in Kottayam. As a result, a loaf of bread is not only easily available but also tasty. They are quite popular amongst the natives as side dishes or touchings.

Drinks in Kottayam

Apart from the regular brand of alcohols, the local liquor, called Toddy is also a potent hard drink to have. Made of palm-sap this drink is widely available in the local pubs and is not ment for the mild hearted.