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Kottayam Sightseeing

Thirunakkara Mahadeva TempleLocated in the heart of the town.
Thazthangadi Juma Masjid Situated on the banks of the river Meenachil
St. Mary’s Orthodox Church or “small Church, Cheriapally” Located on Kuruppumthara Neendoor Road Kallara
St. Mary’s Church or ‘big Church’, ValiyapalliLocated 2 kilometers away from the city.
Backwaters in Kottayam Kottayam
Pallipurathu KavuLocated just 8 km away from the heart of the city

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Location: In the heart of the town
This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the prime spots of tourist attraction in Kottayam. Located in the heart of the town, this temple witnesses the flocking together of thousands of devotees every year during the annual festival. This festival is called ‘Aaraatu’ and it is marked with a pompous extravaganza of color, music and tradition. Held for a period of 10 days, this festival reflects a cross section of the customs, rituals and conventions of Kerela, various art forms like the Kathakali are performed regularly during ‘Aaraatu’, adding to the grandeur of the occasion. The temple is a classic example of ancient architecture of Kerela. It was built during the early decades of the 16th century by the then Raja of Thukkumkur. The murals on the inner walls of the temple are from the Hindu Epics.

Thazthangadi Juma Masjid

Location: Situated on the banks of the river Meenachil
The Thazthangadi Juma Masjid is one of the oldest Mosques in Kerela. Situated on the banks of the river Meenachil, this is also known as the “Taj Juma Masjid”. The founders of this mosque had come from different parts of Kerela and had built up a community of their own in the Hanafi tradition from 1947 onwards under the spiritual guidance of the Settu Masjid in Kottayam.
The Muslims who lived in this Mosque played an active role in the struggle for Independence; the mosque was built under the strict supervision of the present and late members of the Jama-Athe who finished the construction by 1964. it was dedicated to the Muslim Community by the first president of the Jama-Athe, Haji Karim Sahib.
This Masjid is well known for its pristine beauty on a moon-lit night.the wooden carvings and architecture of its inner walls are also noteworthy.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Churchor “small Church, Cheriapally”

Location: On Kuruppumthara Neendoor Road Kallara
It was built in the year 1579, by the Portuguese under the rule of the Raja of Thekkumkur. Kottayam is the place for Syrian Christians of Kerela and the church belongs to the Malankara orthodox Christians. The speciality of the church lies in the fact that it exemplifies a unique blend of Christian as well as non-Christian traditions. The murals that adorn the walls are both on Biblical as well as Non-biblical themes.

St. Mary’s Church or ‘big Church’, Valiyapalli

Location: 2 kilometers away from the city
The ancient Syrian Christian church atop a hill was built in 1550, by the descendants of Syrian Knanya Christians.

Backwaters in Kottayam

Location: Kottayam
Apart from the hills and the lakes with which this beautiful town is embellished with, the natural beauty of Kottayam is enshrined in its beautiful backwaters. A cruise along the beautiful backwaters of Kottayam is a must for every tourist. The jetty is located in a place called the Kodimatha and several operators provide tours in ferries around the Vembanad Lake. Some of the best itineraries that can be taken from Kottayam are as follows:
Pathiramanal Island- The word ‘Pathimaral’ in the native tongue means ‘sands of night’. Like many other places in Kottayam, this island also is a haven for various migratory birds. Located only a short distance from Kottayam, this island is an orinthologist’s paradise. A number of backwater cruises regularly visit the Pathiramanal island, which is located right in the middle of the Vembanad Lake.
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary- An ornithologist’s paradise, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, located about 16Kms from Kottayam plays host to some of the most exotic migratory birds.(more on Hyperlink of Kumarakom)

Pallipurathu Kavu

Location: Just 8 km away from the heart of the city
Located just 8 km away from the heart of the city is the temple of Pallipurathu Kavu. Devoted to Goddess Saraswati, this temple witnesses an annual festival of Kumbhakta Mahotsava, that attracts thousands of devotees every year. Saraswati, being the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, the worshipping of the diety is also done in a room decorated with books and other sources of learning.