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Kolkata Culture

The "para" Culture : From the moment a traveler steps his foot in kolkata the air that he breathes exudes a rich aroma of friendliness and hospitality. Known for its generosity and warmth for the rich and the poor alike, the city has time and again gifted the nation with new talents in the fields of art and culture. A major contributor to such high dividends that the city has been able to pay to the country is the famous “para” culture of Kolkata. A “para” or neighborhood typically has a community center and a playground. The veterans as well as the youngsters have access to these community centers where they congregate to participate in sessions of “adda” or a relaxing chat which most often turn into intellectual discourses.

Drama And Cinema : Kolkata not only has its own form of drama called the “Jatras”, its film industry called Tollywood and its associate stars also have their place in the heart of the calcuttans. The city has also bred world acclaimed directors and Academy Award winners like Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen and also Rituparna Ghosh and Aparna Sen of the contemporary times.

Food : Kolkata is better known to the rest of India for its legendary sweets like “roshogolla”, “mishti doi” and “sandesh” symbolic of the effervescence of the sweetness and cordial nature of the people here. Being located in the nexus of freshwater rivers Kolkata basks in its gamut of fishes like hilsa, catfish, bass, shad or mullet. “Phuchka” with tamarind water is the favourite streetside delicacy of the calcuttans.

Festivals In Kolkata

Durga Puja : If Kolkata is a beautiful and evergreen maiden, the festival of Durga puja adorns this lady like a bride every year during mid September. Deifying the ten armed goddess Durga, a symbol of power and truth, this occasion is often referred to as the Rio Carnival of the oriental world. The city comes alive with thousands of enthusiasts who go pandal hopping on foot in and around the city as the city streets are flooded with food, lights, gaiety and mirth. Some other festivals include Saraswati puja, Eid, poila boishakh(Bengali new year),Jagadhhatri puja, Holi, Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata film Festival etc.

Great Men Of Kolkata : Kolkata, apart from shining in its own magnificence also shines in the reflected glory of its sons and daughters. For instance it will be remembered as the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The name of Kolkata will also remain illustrious to the world because of being the workplace of Mother Teresa, whose benevolent and selfless service towards humanity has breathed a new life to thousands of deprived people
Kolkata therefore incubates an awesome history that is embellished with a rich heritage and an equally mesmerizing culture that is able to quench the wonder thirst of any traveler.