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The third most populous metropolitan in India and often hailed as the cultural capital of the country, Kolkata (earlier known by the name Calcutta), the capital of West Bengal, is a kaleidoscope of culture and tradition, history and heritage, industry and art, and of course is remembered by the people of India as a cherished birthplace of the great nationalistic fervor that ultimately won India its dear independence. An erstwhile capital of the country during the British Raj, Kolkata has indeed been fittingly named as the “City of joy”, hinting at the resilient spirit of the human nature here. The abundance and variety of natural beauty, zoo, museums, industrial hubs, monuments and the lustrous Hooghly River circumnavigating it, Kolkata promises a rich holiday experience for tourists all over the world.
Kolkata is the third largest urban agglomeration in India and was even the capital of British India till 1911. As a city, Kolkata vibrates with a rich cultural heritage, passion of its people for their city and above all, a pulsating zest of life that emboldens anybody who comes to the refuge of this city. Calcutta may remain a wistful memory but Kolkata is certainly surging forward towards a global metropolis like its cousins of Delhi and Mumbai.

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IBIZA Resort and Spa
Amtala 24 Parganas, KOLKATA