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The glorious land of four gallant Begums and a vital pivot of the erstwhile Bhoj Empire, Bhopal presently commissions as the administrative capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and the legislative command center of the Bhopal District and Division. Nestled on the gentle slopes of the Malwa Plateau to the north of the Vindhya Mountain Ranges and naturally bequeathed with verdurous sylvan woods, magnificent hills and vivid landscapes Bhopal portrays an exquisite amalgamation of scenic splendor, historical heritage and contemporary urban setup. Gorgeously sprawling along numerous natural as well as manmade lakes, this ‘Lake City’ of central India is deemed amongst the greenest metropolises of the country. Earlier reckoned by the laurel ‘Bhojpal’, the Bhopal city derives its appellation from the name of its founder ‘Raja Bhoja’, a heroic 10th century monarch from the legendary Parmar Dynasty. A home to several institutions and organizations of national importance, the modern Bhopal delineates a versatile profile characterized with an outstanding blend of classicism and surrealism.
The old Bhopal City stands out with its thriving market places, ostentatious palaces, antediluvian havelis, ancient mosques and an immaculate aristocratic demeanor whereas the new Bhopal City equally galvanizes its visitors with its enchantingly cultivated gardens, expansive avenues and impressive newfangled edifices. Flourishing as one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the state, the disposition of Bhopal represents a unique potpourri of Hindu, Islamic and European architecture & ethnicity and an exclusive salmagundi of North Indian & South Indian traditions. Bhopal; the casket of art and culture is greatly applauded for its famous cave paintings and its blossoming folk and tribal arts and crafts. The city came into limelight on the worldwide frontage when thousands of innocent people died of toxic gas poisoning in the fatal Bhopal Disaster of 1984.

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Lago Villa - Home Stay
Shamla Hills, BHOPAL
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Hotel Amer Greens
Hoshangabad Road, BHOPAL