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Weather In Bhopal

Bhopal experiences humid subtropical climate characterized with cold and dry winters, hot summer and wet & humid monsoon.

Summer in Bhopal sets in during the month of March and lasts almost till mid June when the average daily temperature hovers around 30c. May is the hottest month of the year when mercury frequently crosses the level of 40c. The maximum ever recorded temperature of summer in Bhopal is 47c whereas it hardly drops downer than 24c. Summer being a quite scorching and sweltering season in Bhopal tourists generally avoid visiting this lake city in summer, particularly during the months of April and May.

Monsoon in Bhopal extends from late June to late September when the city experiences medium to heavy downpours and recurrent thunderstorms & deluges. Bhopal receives 1146 mm of the annual precipitation, most of which is brought by the southwest monsoon. Humidity exceedingly increases during this period of time and the average temperature remains somewhere in the range of 25c. Though the scenic pulchritude around Bhopal is at its best during this season, monsoon is not the ideal time of the year for sightseeing in and around Bhopal.

Winter reaches the Bhopal plateau in the month of late October or early November and retains the throne till mid March. The pleasant mornings, cool & sunny afternoons and placid cold evenings of winter yield the most suitable season for the tourism purposes in Bhopal. The average daily temperature remains around 16c which can often drop down to 5c and lesser. The lowest ever recorded temperature of Bhopal was 0.3c. January is the coldest month of the year when temperature commonly declines on the brink of freezing level at night. Sometimes light rain showers are also reported in winter when the weather turns significantly misty and humid.

October to March is the most ideal period for visiting Bhopal