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Bangalore Tourism

The face of the Indian hyper world
State : Karnataka
District: Bangalore Urban
Type of Tourism : Industrial Tourism, Urban Tourism
Weekend getaway
Area : 709.5 square kilometers
Population : 5,438,065
Altitude : 920 meters
Best Tourist Season : November to February, March to August
Languages spoken : Kannada, English and Hindi.
What to buy : Silks, carvings in wood, sandalwood, ivory and rosewood, copper-ware, cane and bamboo furniture and crafts, lacquered wooden toys, Mysore coffee and exquisite traditional gold jewellery
Food Specialties : Mysore Pak, Dharwad Peda, Chiroti, Obbattu Gokak, Kardantu and Shavige Payasa and Rice Bowl.

About Bangalore

Bangalore is perhaps the only city in the country of India that can boast of an enviably unique blend of convention and modernity. Assorted with relics from the past as well as modern wonders of science and technology, Bangalore has a number of feathers in her hat. Perhaps it is because of this rich assembly of tradition and technology that Bangalore, recently re-christened as Bengaluru, has been honored with titles like ‘IT capital of India’, ‘Garden City’, and ‘Silicon Valley’.
The social fabric of Bangalore portrays a multi-linguistic and multi-cultural society with the imposing IT companies forming its nerve center. Today it is a hub of chip design companies and multinational and Indian software firms including Wipro, IBM, Intel, Infosys and Texas Instruments to name a few. In fact, no less of a news channel than CNN has referred to the fact that Bangalore is one of the "finest places to do business in the hyper world".
Bangalore is also the proud owner of lovely sprawling gardens, tree helmed streets, a salubrious climate and lush green open spaces that are in perfect harmony with the scurry of the urban life. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Vidhana Soudha, Cubbon Park and Bangalore Palace are some of such places that are absolutely indispensable if the city has to be explored thoroughly. Bangalore even showcases the outlets of some of the most outstanding educational institutions of the country. In fact it has even earned the reputation of being the second most literate metropolis of the country.
If you want to taste the adrenaline and suavity of a posh urban existence, Bangalore is highly recommended visit. The city is also a haven for the shopping enthusiasts. From handicrafts to a very high number of pubs, cocktail lounges and restaurants, Bangalore has the potential of catering to all tastes, needs and desires.