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Bangalore Sightseeing

Lal BaghKrumbigal road, South Bangalore
Cubbon Park Kasturba road, 5Km from the Railway station
Ulsoor Lake Halasuru, Near M.G.Road
Bangalore Palace Heart of the city.
Tipu Sultan’s Palace Near the city Market of Bangalore
Vidhan SoudhaOver Cubbon Park
Attara KacheriSampanagirama nagar
Shiva statue and ISKCON templeRajaji nagar, North Bangalore
Venkataramana Swamy TempleNear Tipu Sultan's palace
Basavangudi or the Bull TempleBasavangudi, Soth Bangalore
Sri Gavi Gangadhareswara TempleGavi puram,Guttahalli, 3Km from the city market of Bangalore
Dodda Ganpathi TempleBull temple Road, Basavangudi
St. Mary’s Basilica Shivaji Nagar
The Government Museum and Venkatappa Art GalleryPremises of Manikyavelu Mansion, National Gallery of modern art
Karnataka Folk Art Museum53Km from Bangalore
Jawaharlal Nehru PlanetariumT.Chowdiah road

Nature in Bangalore

Lal Bagh

Location: Krumbigal road, South Bangalore
Lal Bagh is one of the most interesting places of sightseeing in Bangalore. It tactfully combines history with natural beauty and charm. Originally situated by Hyder Ali in 1760 in order to keep par with the increasing popularity of the Mughal gardens, it was his son Tipu Sultan who brought about the actual upgradation of the garden. This is because he not only built a Glass House which encases the subcontinent’s largest collection of rare plants and trees that are over 100 years old, but also imported a number of endangered and rare plants and trees thus bringing in the science of Horticulture.
The Lal Bagh sprawls over an expansive area of 240 acres and boasts of housing some of the rarest species of plants from Persia, Afghanistan and France. This Horticultural wealth has made Lal Bagh even more attractive and captivating to the nature enthusiasts. The open spaces, shaded pathways, laid tracks, well cared for gardens and an extensive collection of rare plants species has transformed Lal Bagh from a garden to a melting pot of scientific study and scenic beauty.
Lal Bagh is also the venue for ‘Janpada Jaatre’, an occasion organized by the Government of Karnataka on the second and fourth weekend of every month. This includes folk music and dance along with plays performed by troupes from all parts of Karnataka. Lal Bagh remains open from 6.00 to 7.00p.m on all days of the week. The Garden can be accessed from 6.00 to 9.00a.m and 6.00 to 7.00p.m. If you are looking forward to a relaxing session of jogging, the Gardens would offer you with all you need to realize your desires

Cubbon Park

Location: Kasturba road, 5Km from the Railway station
The Cubbon Park, situated 5km away from the airport, has been named after Sir Mark Cubbon, the longest serving commissioner of Bangalore. Spreading over an area of about 300 acres, the Cubbon Park constitutes of a number of attractions that makes it something more than a park. For example, it includes a rose garden, the Memorial Hall located at the centre of the park that is dedicated to Aeshadri Aiyar, a Jawahar Bal Bhavan, a Children's Park and a Doll Museum.
The lush greenery of the Cubbon Park makes it the breathing space for the people of Bangalore. Hence it is equally appealing to the joggers and morning walkers as well as the children who are often seen playing and climbing the natural rocks inside the park. Another notable feature inside the park is the aquarium at the entrance that is acclaimed as the second largest in India. It houses a number of exotic fishes
The park remains open on all the days of the week. Vehicles are not allowed inside from 5.00a.m to 8.00a.m. Food stalls are also available within the premises of the park.

Ulsoor Lake

Location: Halasuru, Near M.G.Road.
Located in the Halasuru near the M.G.Road, The Ulsoor Lake is centrally located and is one of the remnants of the eight lakes that had been built by Kempe Gowda around Bangalore. Known earlier by the name of “Halsur” or “Alasur”, this lake is about 1.5 square kilometers with a couple of springs at its basement. Though swimming is not advisable in this lake, there are boating facilities. The picturesque and pristine landscape around the lake makes it a must visit for the tourists in Bangalore.

Historical Palaces in Bangalore

Bangalore Palace

Location: Heart of the city.
The very first feeling that is evoked in the minds of the spectators on seeing the Bangalore Palace is the feelings of awe and wonder. Built by a Wodeyar king in 1887 over a sprawling area of 400 acres, the Palace reflects a clear influence of the Windsor Castle, with turrets, battlements foiled windows and other stylistic features of Tudor architecture.
Another stylistic feature of the Palace is the Audio Tour that has been recently inaugurated. Recorded by a group of professionals, this tour is of immense appeal to the foreigners, as it is available in English, Kannada, Hindi, French, Spanish, German and Italian. All the Wodeyar kings have been ardent admirers of horse racing. This is evident from the grand presence of a chair to weigh the Jockeys. The visiting hour of the Bangalore Palace is from 10.00a.m to 6.00p.m. (Sunday Closed).

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Location: Near the city Market of Bangalore
The construction of the Palace was inaugurated by Hyder Ali but was completed by his son Tipu Sultan in 1791. It is a wooden structure and the architectural pattern resembles the Daria Daulat Bagh at Srirangapatnam and also houses a Museum. It is supposed to have been one of the summer retreats of Tipu Sultan. The wooden screen at the entrance declares the Palace to be an ‘Abode of Happiness’.

Vidhan Soudha

Location: Over Cubbon Park
This is a majestic structure that towers over the Cubbon Park housing the Secretariat, the State Legislature and many other State Government offices. What makes it one of the most spectacular buildings of India is its magnificent edifice built of granite and built in the Neo-Dravidian style of architecture. The structure is a four-storied building covering a total plinth area of 5, 00,000 square ft and was planned and executed by Kengal Hanuman thaiah, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka in 1956. It dazzles with multi-colored lights on Sunday evening, thus attracting a huge crowd.

Attara Kacheri

Location: Sampanagirama nagar
Attara Kacheri literally means eighteen offices. The Karnataka High Court is placed in Bangalore and is called by the name of Attara KAcheri.It is so named as these 18 departments of the revenue and general secretariat of the Mysore Government were transferred here from the Tipu Sultan summer palace. It is a breathtaking red brick and stone building and employs the Greco-Roman (neo-classical) architecture style.

Religious sites in Bangalore:

Shiva statue and ISKCON temple

Location: Rajaji nagar, North Bangalore
The ISKCON temple, like all its other subsidiaries scattered all over India is a fine blend of modern technology and spiritual harmony. The chanting of ‘Hare Krishna’ reverberates throughout the hilly area in which this pristine temple is located. It is also neighbor to a 6.5ft tall Shiva Statue, the new attraction of the city.

Venkataramana Swamy Temple

Location: Near Tipu Sultan's palace
This ancient temple is located near Tipu Sultan’s Palace. Maharaja Chikka Devaraya Wodiyar was the founder of this temple and is given the credit of spreading the good name of the temple. It was destroyed during the 3rd Mysore war and was restored by Maharaja Chikka Krishna Devaraya. The flowery stone pillars of the temple still bear the marks of the cannon balls that had struck them during the war

Basavangudi or the Bull Temple

Location: Basavangudi, Soth Bangalore
This temple located in Basavangudi is one of the most ancient religious sites in Bangalore. It was built by Kempegowda on the Bugle Hill in Dravidian style. Apart from the lovely architecture of the building, what is even more alluring is the grand statue of the Celestial Bull, Nandi, measuring 4.5 meters in height and 6 meters in length. In fact, this majestic statue is much older than the temple which was built much later.

Sri Gavi Gangadhareswara Temple

Location: Gavi puram,Guttahalli, 3Km from the city market of Bangalore
This is a Shiva temple built by Kempe Gowda. The architecture of the temple reflects an amalgamation of ‘Vastukala’ with astronomy. However, what makes the temple even more unique to the worshippers of Shiva is the unusual phenomenon that re-iterates on every ‘Makar Sankranti’(14th Jan). At sunrise, the rays of the rising sun pass through an arch formed by the horns of the statue of the Celestial Bull Nandi and illuminate the idol of Lord Gavi Gngadhareswara inside the main shrine. Thousands of devotees gather on the specified date to be part of this spiritual event

Dodda Ganpathi Temple

Location: Bull temple Road, Basavangudi
Located in the Bull temple road in Basavangudi, the Dodda Ganpathi temple has a supernatural story to explain its popularity. It is said to have been established by Dempegowda I, who had come across a huge rock that had the engravings of Lord Ganesha on it. It was under his patronage that this mammoth statue of Ganpathi was built and was later enshrined in a temple. The idol is about 18ft tall and 16ft wide and is believed to be incessantly growing to its right

St. Mary’s Basilica

Location: Shivaji Nagar
The St. Mary’s Church is the only Church in Bangalore and the sixth in the whole of India to be endowed with the status of a Basilica. The architecture of the church clearly reflects a heavy gothic dependence. Features like stained glass windows, decorative and ornamental motifs, arches, tall spires and multiple columns, reinforce a celebration of a typical Tudor style. Devotees throng the Church mostly during the time of St. Mary’s feast, a festival held annually in the month of September, to mark the birth of Mother Mary.

Museums and Planetariums n Bangalore

Location: Premises of Manikyavelu Mansion, National Gallery of modern art
Located in the prestigious heritage premises of Manikyavelu Mansion, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Bangalore branch was inaugurated by the Honorable Union Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Ambika Soni. Established in 1886, the Venkatappa art gallery is one of the oldest museums of India. The art gallery here is particularly acclaimed for housing the paintings and sculptures done by K.Venkatappa, a renowned artist from the royal court of Mysore.

Karnataka Folk Art Museum

Location: 53Km from Bangalore
The fact that Karnataka has a rich heritage of folk culture and tradition becomes clear from the Museum dedicated to folk art, run and maintained by the Government of Karnataka. It displays a wide range of folk arts, costumes, toys and extensive recorded music collection

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Location: T.Chowdiah road
Built in 1989, the planetarium is a sky theatre with a dome of 15 meters in diameter. With an arrangement of 225 people, the shows organized here provide instruction under the canopy of entertainment. The shows are held twice a day at 3.00p.m and 4.30p.m. The sky theatre along with the music and narration ensures a total participation of the audience. An attractive musical fountain placed opposite the planetarium is also of much interest to the tourists