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Bangalore Culture

The city of Bangalore is a strange potpourri of culture, tradition, technology and a progress towards modernity. While the cityscape is adorned with skyscrapers, the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the city is perfect for a retired life or a laidback holiday

Film Industry:Bangalore is also the hub of the Kannada film industry that churns out almost fifty films annually. Also popularly known as Sandalwood, this is a flourishing business and is highly popular amongst the general masses. Concerts and classical performances of the veteran artists are also widely organized thus holding on to the tradition of culture.
Nightlife: Since the global IT companies form the crux of the socio-cultural fabric of Bangalore, pubs, nightclubs, discotheques and cocktail bars are quite rampant and do good business in the city.

Festival in Bangalore

Dussera : This is the occasion when the whole of Karnataka adorns itself with the mood of mirth and gaiety reigning the air. This is symbolic of the conventional triumph of the holy over the evil. It is one of the greatest celebrations of the city that lasts for a period of 10 days. It was begun by the Raja of Mysore who held Durbar for nine days and brought out a procession on the tenth day.
Sankranthi : One of the most popular Fairs & Festivals in Bangalore, Makara Sankranthi or Pongal is celebrated to mark the beginning of the harvest season. This festival also marks the change of season with people welcoming spring and bidding adieu to winters
Karaga Festival : Celebrated in March and April, Karaga Festival is one of the popular Fairs & Festivals in Bangalore. It is celebrated by taking out an earthen pot embodying Shakti on a night procession with devotees balancing the pots on their heads in order to test the strength of their characters.
Kadalekaye Parishe: Also known as the Peanut Festival, Kadalekaye Parishe is celebrated in November to celebrate the first groundnut crop of the year. Farmers visit the Bull Temple in Bangalore and make offering of groundnuts there on this occasion.