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Weather In Thekkady

Thekkady doesnt face an extreme type of weather but it remains moderate and balanced all round the year. The climate here is health giving and it is characterized by gentle summers and pleasant winters. The day temperature in Thekkady doesnt vary much the whole year.

Summer ranges from March to May. The maximum temperature of summer in Thekkady is 36c and the minimum is 20c.

Winter, which extends from December to February, is a very pleasant season here. The maximum temperature of winter is recorded to be 27c and it can come down to the minimum of 11c. Winter is the best tourists season here when days are pleasant and nights are cool.

Monsoon ranges from June to September which at times offers heavy rainfalls and occasional landslides. The average rainfall in Thekkady is about 326 cm. During the monsoon period, the temperature ranges between 25c and 19c.

The best time to visit Thekkady is the post monsoon and winter season when landscapes are blanketed with verdant greenery and migratory birds find their refuge to the woods around Thekkady. Post monsoon and winter are the best periods for bird watching while summer offers more opportunities to spot wildlife as thirsty animals flock around the water bodies. Though Thekkady is always blooming with innumerable tourists and adventure lovers, September to March being the most affable time is the peak tourist season here.