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Thekkady Culture

Ecotourism Programs in Thekkady

Bamboo Rafting: Bamboo rafting is another face of adventure, fun and entertainment that is very unique to this place. It comprises of a team of 10 tourists, 5 guides and one armed guard for the sake of accidental encounter with ferocious wild animals. The tourists are taken to the deepest part of the jungle on trekking and then they access the Periyar Tiger Reserve on a bamboo raft. Eco friendly program to the core, the tourists usually have a thrilling time exploring the intricate working of the jungle and the fight for survival in the animal kingdom. The Programs usually begins at 8 in the morning and ends at 5 in the evening. The travelers are provided with food and tea in the course of the trip.
Border Hiking: Border Hiking is an improvised form of trekking. This is because this adventure sport carried out in Kerela, involves trekking at a height of 1000 to 1200 meters. The trekking team involves 10 tourists, 2 guards and an armed guard. The dose of thrill and apprehension in such trekking expeditions are supplied by the guides, who are erstwhile poachers. They recollect their captivating encounters with the wild world and narrate them with animated gestures, thus adding to the fun and thrill of the trekking. Only people between the ages of 15 to 65 are allowed to participate in border hiking.
Trekking: The beautiful swelling fields of Thekkady, encased in a beautiful envelope of lush greenery can provide the impetus of trekking even to non-enthusiasts. The purity of the air and the freshness of nature there are truly inviting and for the tourists in love with adventure, Thekkady is a paradise that guarantees fun, thrill and escapade into the solitude of nature. The trekking areas generally are Kurisumala near Kumily, Pullumedu, Ottakathamedu and Grampi.
Plantation tours: The plantation tours cover visits to spice, coffee tea plantations, tribal settlements and tea factories. They can be arranged through the District Tourism information Office at Thekkady Jn. in Kumily.
Elephant Rides: Nothing can be more amusing than a leisurely elephant ride through the jungle of Thekkady. With the elephant moving forward in a rhythmic style while munching on the banana and other shoots, constitutes a unique experience in itself.
Nature Walk: The forest department of Thekkady has invented various innovative means of providing the tourists the utmost means of discovering the forests of Peiyar to the fullest. Nature Walk Programs are one of them. They involve a group of maximum 5 people including an experienced and trained guide who takes the full responsibility of taking the tourists around the forests and lush green grasslands, where they can witness exotic birds and also small mammals like giant squirrels and the like. These tours begin from 7.30 in the morning and continue till 3.30 in the afternoon. Nature Walks normally cover a distance of 4-5 km

Fun and Entertainment in Thekkady

Anakkara: Anakkara is an upcoming spice tourism destination of Thekkady. Located about 13 km away from Kumily at the Kumily-Munnar road, Anakkara promises a spectacular growth and cultivation of cardamom, clove and cinnamon

Food in Thekkady

The cuisine of Kerela is characterized by a few distinctive features like its emphasis on non-vegetarian delicacies and a generous use of a wide variety of spices. This makes the cuisine of Thekkady unique and distinctive from most of the culineries of India. Some of the sought after dishes of Kerela are as follows:
  • Appam : It is a native form of bread made of fermented rice and dough made of coconut pulp. It tastes sweet and is generally served with meat dishes like beef, pork, chicken or stew.
  • Kappa: Tapioca, a herb is locally called by the name of Kappa. It is boiled with rock salt and then garnished with coconut in a grated form, onion, chillies and curry leaves to make a scrumptious meal best eaten with beef curries, spicy fish or roast.
  • Karimeen : Also known as the “pearl spot”, Karimeen is the most delicious freshwater fish available in Thekkady. It is generally prepared as a grilled plate with rich spices, wrapped in a banana leaf on burning coal (“Karimeen Pollichatu”), or as a fried dish or as curry with either chilly paste and a special kind of tamarindor with coconut milk or paste
  • Seafood : Seafood like shrimp, prawn, crab, squid and the like have become the very face of Kerelite Cuisine. Such a unique blend of flavor, spice and taste is rare amongst the seafood cuisines of India. Other continental facilities are widely available on the seaside restaurants and cafeterias.