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Weather In Shimoga

The weather of Shimoga can be determined as tropical wet and dry climate under the Köppen Climate Classification. Summer: in Shimoga extends from March to May when the average daily temperature traverses the range of 20°c to 35°c. The summer days at Shimoga are decently hot and dry whereas the nights are considerably pleasing and agreeable. May is the hottest month of the year when the temperature ascends the level of 36°c at times and the ambience gets pretty arid and blazing. Though less preferred by the tourists from the colder regions of the globe, Shimoga is quite bearable even in summer for those belonging to the tropical regions on the earth.

Monsoon: in Shimoga sets in during the month of June and drenches the plateau with medium to heavy downpours till late September. The average annual precipitation of Shimoga is recorded to be around 3,292 mm. The profuse rain showers of Western Ghats infuse life in every demeanor of nature and the Shimoga terrain wraps itself in the emerald green blanket of the luxuriant verdure during monsoon. Shimoga is a part of the ‘Malnad’ region of Karnataka which due to its exuberant frondescence has been recently listed amongst the ‘World Heritage Sites’. Shimoga receives intermittent drizzles from the north-east monsoon between October and December.

Winter: in Shimoga lasts from late November to February when the average temperature hovers around 15°c to 30°c. Winter is the most ideal time of the year for paying a visit to the bucolic land of Shimoga. Tourists must carry woolen clothes along if visiting Shimoga in the four winter months.

October to March is the best time of the year for outings, sightseeing and other tourist activities in Shimoga.