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Cradled on the banks of the river Tunga and constituting the geographical nucleus of the Karnataka Terra Firma, Shimoga popularly known as ‘?ivamogga’ amongst the locals is an urban megalopolis and a municipal corporation that serves as the managerial command center of the Shimoga District. Embellished with the infinite treasure of splendorous natural charisma and sharing its Arcadian bequest with the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of the Western Ghats, this debonair civic elegantly portrays the sublime amalgamation of the best of both the pastoral and the citified disposition. Enriched with sylvan hills and hillocks, dense verdurous woods, luxuriant dales, proliferating spice and sandalwood plantations, bountiful rivers, sparkling brooks, exuberant water cataracts and affluent flora and fauna, Shimoga is indisputably one of the most excellent sculptures ever molded in the workshop of the ‘King of Kings’.
Nurtured by the brimming watercourses of the Tungabhadra, Kumudavathi, Varada and Sharavathi rivers, the fertile alluvial soil of the Shimoga terrain yields plenteous crop for the entire province. Teeming with blooming verdant foliage, swaggering palm trees and abounding paddy fields, Shimoga much-admired as one of the most charming and picturesque vicinities of the state is also reckoned as the ‘Bread Basket’ and the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Karnataka. Speckled with numerous temples, forts and other historical monuments, Shimoga boasting of its lavish tradition, art and culture and also renowned for its warm hospitality and delectable cuisine is fittingly distinguished amongst the most sought after vacation spots and weekend getaways of Southern Indian Peninsula.

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