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Weather In Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram experiences dry tropical climate and the day time temperature varies little all round the year. Rameshwaram experiences moderate summers, cool winters and medium rains. The average maximum temperature of Rameshwaram extends from 30c to 35c while the average minimum temperature is reported to be 20c. The climate generally remains pleasant and salubrious. The weather of Rameshwaram is broadly classified into three basic seasonal varieties; summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Rameshwaram sets in during the month of March and it lasts till June. The average temperature during this season typically ranges between 35c and 27c. Summer being pretty bearable and placid season Tourists prefer to pay a visit to Rameshwaram Temple during the four months of summer. The highest ever recorded temperature of Rameshwaram is 37C and the mercury has never crossed this limit.

Monsoon in Rameshwaram extends from July to late October. The average annual rainfall of this region is reported to be 94 cm. The North East Monsoon in Rameshwaram sets in during the month of September which lasts till December. The climate remains humid during the monsoon months and the average temperature ranges between 29c and 21c during this season.

Winter in Rameshwaram extends from November to February when the maximum temperature is recorded to be 27c while it drops down to 17c at times. Days in winter are quite pleasant and ideal for sightseeing while nights are cold and nippy. The best season to pay a visit to Rameshwaram is from January to March.