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Weather In Puri

Due to its proximity with the Bay of Bengal, this coastal city of Puri experiences tropical Climate where temperature fluctuates between 36oc and 15oc. Summer extends from March to June when the climate is quite hot and it becomes specially unbearable for the tourists who have arrived from cold regions. Days are invariably sweltering and burning sunrays and hot winds broil the skin. 36oc being the maximum temperature, it goes down only up to 27oc. Sometimes it even rains in the summer which increases the humidity.

Winter ranges from October to February when weather is extremely pleasant and amicable. As the temperature never goes below 15oc, winter doesn’t turn out to be severe here and only a light woolen garment suffices the need. The best time to pay a visit to this earthly domicile of Lord Jagannath is winter.

Monsoon arrives in June and remains in Puri still September when the city receives a constant downpour. As this is a coastal terrain, Puri mostly faces heavy showers. The climate gets extremely humid and sweaty during monsoon and sometimes the sea gets very tempestuous due to heavy rainfall. July receives the maximum amount of rains when it gets flooded everywhere. At times even the beaches are closed down for security reasons.