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Weather In Pune

The weather of Pune can be classified as a tropical wet and dry climate wherein the average annual temperature ranges from 20c to 28c. The three distinct seasons of Indian climate i.e. Summer, Monsoon and Winter are experienced at Pune in its yearly seasonal cycle.
Summer sets in during the month of March and extends till late May or sometimes even early June. During the summer season, the temperature of Pune environ varies between 35c and 42c. The ever recorded highest temperature of Pune summer is 43c. The hottest month of the year happens to be April. Pune occasionally receives heavy thundershowers in the month of May which increases the humidity of the weather. Owing to its high altitude, even in summer the nights at Pune turn significantly cool and pleasant.
Monsoon reaches the Pune plateau in the month of June and lasts till October. Pune is drenched with moderate to occasional heavy rainfalls in this season when temperature fluctuates between the level of 10c and 28c. The average annual downpour of Pune is reported to be 722 mm most of which is received in the months from June to September. July happens to be the wettest month of the year.
Winter follows the lead of monsoon and reaches Pune in the month of November. November of Pune is metaphorically called the Rosy Season of the year when the weather is extremely pleasant and refreshing. During the day the temperature reaches the mark of 28c but it goes as down as 10c during the night. In the months of December and January the temperature even drops down to 5c to 6c. The lowest ever recorded temperature of Pune is 1.7c.
Even though the climate of Pune remains placid and comely all round the year, winter is the best and the most ideal season to visit Pune.