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Pondicherry Tourist Tips

Telephone Code : India (022), International (+91)
Pin Code: 400001 To 400123
Best Time to Visit : October to April
Local Transport: Taxies,city buses,local trains
Foreign Exchange Offices: Forex, Near city mall,Central Road,
Email Id: forex@aexchangecom, pho No.453453

Shopping Tips

Getting around

By auto-rickshaw, bus, taxis.

Best clothing and accessories required

Light cottons can be worn throughout the year in Pondicherry. However, a drink water bottle and handkerchief are the must haves irrespective of the season that Pondicherry is visited.


Pondicherry is a veritable stop for the shoppers. Some of the most popular shopping items are as follows: Textiles: Garment Textiles and household linen of Pondicherry have always been on demand.
Leather: Quality Leather products along with a careful finish and innovative designs are the specialties of Pondicherry.
Pottery: Trained Ceramic artists create marvels out of the right kind of clay in Pondicherry.
Aromatics: The aromatics in Pondicherry is world famous for high - quality non - toxic incense sticks and cones as well as scented candles, perfumed oils and sachets, incense holders, ceramic holders and diffusers.