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Pondicherry Tourism

The Land of Sea, Sage and Serenity
State : Pondicherry
Type of Tourism : Heritage tourism, Beach tourism, Pilgrimage tourism.
Area : 492 square kilometers
Population : 1,244,464 (as per 2001 census)
Best Tourist Season : March to October
Languages spoken : Tamil, English and French
What to buy :Aromatics, Pottery, Leather Goods, and Textiles

About Pondicherry

The city of Pondicherry, fondly called ‘Pondy’ by its natives is a rich kaleidoscope of beaches, spiritual organizations, history, heritage, culture, French connections, a unique lifestyle and immense scope of shopping. Presently, the capital of the Union Territory by the same name, Pondicherry is now being called by another name ‘Puducherry’, meaning ‘a new town’.
Pondicherry is located very conveniently 160km South of Chennai, in the shoreline of the Coromandel Coast. Though it has pre-historic connections, the city of Pondicherry overtly reverberates with the relics of the culture and habits of the French who had predominantly ruled the city for nearly three centuries, from 1675 to 1954.
The town of Pondicherry is blessed with a variegated bounty. While a few pristine beaches, lovely locale and a calm ambience pervade the scenario of Pondicherry, it is also a haven for the lovers of history and architecture. Not only has Pondicherry been the venue for a number of battles between the British and the French, but a few excavations near Pondicherry also reveals the proof of a settlement of the Romans, nearly 2000 years ago.
Pondicherry also defines spirituality to a different dimension. One of the primary attractions of the city is the Ashram found by Sri Aurobindo, where the sage along with the Mother spent a substantial part of their lives trying to bring in reformations in the hierarchical society. Thus, if you want to have a total experience of a holiday filled with promenades, ancient monuments and tranquility all around, pack your bags and come to Pondicherry, the land of sea, sage and serenity.

City culture

Pondicherry observes a number of vibrant festivals, all of which involve a lot of pomp and grandeur. Some of the most prominent festivals of Pondicherry include
  • Pongal
  • The colorful festival of Pongal lasts from the 13th to the 16th of January.
  • International Yoga Festival
  • Held in the month of January, this occasion sees a number of Yogees and Yoginis participate in Mass Yoga activities.
  • Fete De Pondicherry
  • This is a cultural Pagent held in the month of August.