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Weather In Katra

Katra perched at the altitude of 754 meters above the sea level experiences the sub tropical kind of climate marked with the climatic variation of three basic seasons i.e. summer, monsoon and winter. Summer in Katra is considerably warm, winter is extensively cold, while monsoon is significantly humid.

Summer in Katra sets in during the month of May and lasts till July when the temperature ranges from the maximum of 40c to the minimum of 5c. At times, Katra experiences unusual downpours which results in increased humidity in summer. The summer days in Katra are characterized with hot afternoons, moderate evenings and cool and pleasant nights.

Monsoon reaches Katra in the month of August and mainly drenches the city till September only. Rainfalls in Katra are quite rare, yet heavy and sometimes the precipitation involves snowfall too. However, during the monsoon months, the humidity level notably elevates and tourists are advised not to forget to carry the rain gear along. Moreover, during the monsoon months temperature drops down a bit hence tourists are recommended to carry light woolen clothes as well if visiting Katra in monsoon. Monsoon is the most pleasant and comfortable season of Katra when it is not raining.

Winter in Katra extend from October to March when the climate gets reasonably cold and frigid. December to February are the coldest months of the year when the temperature falls below freezing level. Unpredictable snowfalls generally occur during the months of December or January and temperature ranges from the maximum of 24c to the minimum of -14c. Traveling to Katra in winter can be next to impossible without the canopy of heavy woolen clothing. Katra is visited by the pilgrims all round the year, even though; March to July is the most ideal period for visiting Katra; the gateway to the holy abode of Goddess Vaishno Devi.