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Do's and Don'ts

  • Register yourself as a pilgrim to Vaishno Devi Temple at the registration counter near Katra Bus Stand and get the Yatra Slip. This slip is issued for free and you cannot proceed beyond Banganga check post without the Yatra Slip.
  • When you hire a pony, pitthu, palki or porter, confirm that they have the valid registration card. Do not pay more than the approved tariffs and always make sure that you have their contact number before entrusting them with your luggage.
  • As mobile phones, cameras and other electronic gadgets are prohibited during the trek, you will have to make provisions for their safekeeping at Katra. Photography and video is sternly banned.
  • It is best to travel light. Keep all extra and unnecessary things at Katra. Food, drinks and blankets are provided free of cost on the way up to the temple at certain places so there is no point in carrying the burden along. However, always keep some medicines, a torch, a walking stick and a raincoat along. You can buy or hire them at the shops near Katra.
  • Use good quality foot wares if you are planning to undertake a trek.
  • If you opt for the helicopter service, remember that they will give you only two hours for the darshana and return.
  • Maintain the sanctity and solemnity of the Yatra and do not treat it as a picnic. Avoid exposing clothes, vulgar and offensive language and gestures. Always esteem the sentiments of your co pilgrims and cooperate with the security checks.
  • Do not take a break for relaxing near the landslide prone areas.
  • DO NOT smoke, drink, chew tobacco, consume non vegetarian food and intoxicants, spit or litter. Minimize the use of plastic and save the environment.
  • Do not carry more than necessary cash, valuables or jewellery. Beware of thieves and pickpockets. Never trust any stranger and dispose the extra luggage in the cloak rooms only.
  • Immediately report to the security officials if you come across any suspicious thing, person or event.
  • Do not encourage begging.
  • Always ask for the receipt whenever you pay cash.
  • Do not use the routes closed for repairing. You might lead yourself in danger.
  • Pilgrims with high blood pressure, asthama or heart problems should consult their doctor and seek clearance before commencing the journey. Those having any kind of medical complications are advised not to use stairs to reach the temple.
  • Refrain from scrabbling on the walls, sticking posters and damaging the property.
  • Donít throng any place. Keep moving.
  • When you reach the Bhawan approach the Yatra Slip check post, obtain a number for your group and get into the queue for the darshana. Do not attempt to jump the queue but wait for your turn to come. Proceed only when your number is announced and do not crowd near the darshana gate 1.
  • Do not use oils, soaps or shampoos at the bathing ghats. Wear fresh clothes for the darshana.
  • You will have to deposit all your belongings at the free cloak rooms as only certain offerings and cash are allowed inside.
  • Deposit your coconut in the main waiting hall and take a token. Chanting the praise of the Goddess or calling out slogans inside the cave is not permitted.
  • Offerings should be donated only at the donation boxes against a receipt. Do not offer any dakshina to any employee or priest of the temple trust.
  • Kanya Poojan is strictly prohibited here.
  • Take the darshana of the Bhairon Nath Shrine only after taking darshana of the Goddess Vaishno Devi.
  • For help contact the temple board functionaries. Complaint and suggestion boxes are kept at several locations, feel free to use them.
  • Aarti is performed twice a day, 6:00 am to 8:00 am and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. During this period nobody is allowed inside the temple cave premises.