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Kannur Sightseeing

St. Angelo’s FortPlaced 3 km from Kannur
Arackal Kottaram Located 3 km away from Kannur
Valapattanam Located about 7 km from Kannur
Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan temple Situated 18 km North of Kannur
Thalassery FortSituated about 22 km away from Kannur
Dharmadom IslandLocated about 5 km from Thalassery
Pazhassi DamLocated at at Veliyambra, near Mattannur around 30 km from Kannur
Pythal MalaLocated near the Sreekandapuram, Kerala-Karnataka border, 65Km from Kannur district,
Aralam Wildlife SanctuaryAt a distance of 55 km from Kannur
Muzhappilangad BeachLocated at a length of 15 km from Kannur
Payyambalam BeachLocated at a distance of 2 km from Kannur
Baby BeachLocated near to the St. Anjelo’s fort

St. Angelo’s Fort

Location: 3 km from Kannur
St.Angelo’s fort, placed 3 km from Kannur, was originally built by Don Francisco de Almeida, of the Portugese reign in 1505A.D. Later, the Dutch had overtaken the fort from the Portugese in 1663A.D.and sold it to King Ali Raja of Arakkal Kingdom. Subsequently, the fort was taken over by the British in 1790 and was made one of the important centers of military activity in Malabar.
According to the popular belief, this fort has an underground passageway that runs under the sea and connects to the Thalassery Fort which is about 21km from the St. Angelo’s fort. This passageway was supposed to have been used by the soldiers as an escape route, with channels built at regular intervals for air circulation. This fort offers a spectacular view of the Moppila Bay Harbor and the Arakkal Mosque nearby. The archeological splendor of the fort along with the musty smell of colonialism renders a special charm to the place, thus enhancing its appeal to the visitors. The fort is now under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India.

Arackal Kottaram

Location: 3 km away from Kannur
Have you enjoyed the history lessons at school? Well then this Palace, located 3 km away from Kannur, is just the place that you have been waiting for. Here history speaks out loud from every nook and corner of the Palace. This is the palace of the only Muslim royalty of Malabar, the Arackal Rajas. Though place is still under the ownership of the present Ali Beevi (Queen), much of the palace has been thrown open for the public to relish the splendor of the Islamic art and Architecture. Traders by profession, the Arackal Rajas were connoisseurs of art and hence collected all interesting forms of souvenirs from Maldives, Mauritius and Cairo just to decorate their courts. Today hundreds of art lovers throng this palace to get a glimpse of the pre-colonial artifacts of the South and South-West Asia.


Location: 7 km from Kannur
Located about 7 km from Kannur, it is a small town located on the banks of the river of Valapattanam. This town is famous all over Asia for its wood based industry and timber trade. The port of Azhikkal and the Azhikkkal beach are located very close to this town. The well known Muthappan temple is also located in the bank of the Valapattanam River.

Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan temple

Location: 18 km North of Kannur
Situated almost 18 km North of Kannur, on the banks of the river Valapattanam, this temple has its claim to fame for the Muthappan Theyyam, performed here every morning and evening. There is also a Kathakali club in the Temple that arranges for shows on special requests after 11 p.m. that lasts for about two and a half hours.

Thalassery Fort

Location: 22 km away from Kannur
This is another testimony of the colonial rule in Kannur. The fort, situated about 22 km away from Kannur was constructed in 1708 by the British Officers to celebrate the glory and valour of the East India Company.

Dharmadom Island

Location: 5 km from Thalassery
A Buddhist stronghold earlier, this 5 acre island located about 5 km from Thalassery, is a privately owned property and a prior permission is required to enter the island. In times of low tide, one can easily walk to the island, densely populated by coconut palms and thick bushes. Strongly reminding one of an oasis, this little patch of green placed amidst an aquamarine sea is a beautiful sight to look at and appeals immensely to the lovers of nature.

Pazhassi Dam

Location: At Veliyambra, near Mattannur around 30 km from Kannur
This dam is located at Veliyambra, near Mattannur around 30 km from Kannur. Some of the notable features of this Dam are its pristine and scenic surroundings, pleasure boating and a stay at the Inspection House.

Pythal Mala

Location: Near the Sreekandapuram, Kerala-Karnataka border, 65Km from Kannur district
Pythal Mala is a scintillating hill station at an altitude of 4500 ft above the sea level near the Kerela-Karnataka border. This quiet and scantily populated hill station is famous for its scenic beauty and a rich diversity in flora and fauna. It also supports a 6 km trek on the top of the hill.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: At a distance of 55 km from Kannur
This is a small forest town of an area of 55 square kilometers and placed at a distance of 55 km from Kannur. Spread over the undulating plains of the Western Ghats, this small cross section of wildlife nestled up in the lap of nature has undulation varying from 950-1145meters above sea level. Covered with tropical and semi evergreen forests, the Aralam Sanctuary is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Herds of deer, elephant, boar and bison are common sights. Leopards, jungle cats and various types of squirrels are also seen here.
The beauty of this piece of wildlife lies in the fact that apart from showcasing some of the magnificent species of animals and plants, it also plays host to nature walks, soft trekking, bamboo rafting, coracle boating and stay in tree houses in Pariputhodu.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Location: At a length of 15 km from Kannur
This is the only drive- in beach of Kerela. Located at a length of 15 km from Kannur, the pristine and immaculate beach of Muzhappilangad is a paradise for the naturalists and environmentalists. Covering a beautiful round curve, this beach is a long expanse of sun kissed sandy shore that adds a new dimension to the beauty and tranquility of the place. The beach also owes its share of beauty to the island called ‘Green Island’,that is clearly visible from the shore and can be approached from the shore in speedboats. Adventures of Paragliding, Parasailing, microlite fights and a variety of water sports options are possible here.

Payyambalam Beach

Location: At a distance of 2 km from Kannur
Located at a distance of 2 km from Kannur, this famous beach is acclaimed because of its flat laterite cliffs that jut out into the sea. the beautiful gardens and the massive landscape structure of Mother and Child is mesmerizing and adds a surreal note to the ambience.

Baby Beach

Location: Close to the St. Anjelo’s fort
The Baby Beach is a neighbor to the St. Anjelo’s fort and is called so because of its comparatively smaller size to its neighbor, Payyambalam Beach.