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Kannur Tourism

State : Kerela
District : Kannur
Altitude : 0 meters
Climate : Summer 23-37°C, Winter 13-30°C
Best Tourist Season : July to March
Clothing recommended: Light cotton clothes
Languages spoken : Malayalam, English and Hindi.
Food Specialties : Puttu, Vella appam
Adventure sports if any : Para sailing, paragliding,water surfing.

About Kannur

Kannur is one of the loveliest beach towns in India. It is located in the northernmost part of Kerela. Kannur is also the largest city in the Malabar and boasts of being one of the ten top places to live in the country. This little beach resort houses the headquarters of the district of Kannur. Even in the post-colonial era, the city bears a heavy legacy of the erstwhile British culture and tradition. Often referred to as the ‘Land of Looms and Lores’ , Kannur is still widely known by its Portugese name, Cannannore. Kannur has its claim to fame because of being the home of some of the immaculate beaches in the country. It is also the seat of a number of temples well known for their pompous and glorious processions and celebrations. The practice of Theyyam, a native art form also lends renown and glory to this quiet little town of Kannur.

What To Eat In Kannur

Kerela excels in a few delicious and spicy items. Some of these are:-
  • Puttu: Puttu is a delicacy in Kerela. These are cakes of rice cooked in steam and served in plantain leaves. A curry made of peanuts serves as a perfect complimentary dish to Puttu. Puttu therefore should ideally be aske with ‘kadala’.
  • Vella Appam: this is a dish that constitutes of cakes made of softer rice and is typically served with eggs.
The middle portion of the cake is swollen with crispy ends. In south Kerala, this food item is simply called 'Appam'.

Attractions in Kannur

Theyyam Thayyam or Theyyattam or Thira is a popular form of worship, prevalent in the northern part of the Malabar region in Kerela. The performers of Theyyam belong to the indigenous tribal community. The term Theyyam is a corrupt form of Devam or God. People of these districts consider Theyyam itself as a God and they seek blessings from this Theyyam.
Water sports The beautiful and serene beaches of Kunnur is a natural paradise for the adventure enthusiasts. Looking for a mind boggling session of pure fun, adventure and entertainment? Kannur then is the right place for you. Parasailing, one of the premier attractions in the beach of Kannur, is best enjoyed in the months of October to March because of the clear weather and a reasonably cool temperature. Against a backdrop of rocky shores and sapphire waters, parasailing in the beaches of Kannur can be an experience of a lifetime. The gears available for parasailing here are of international standard and so is the competence of the instructors who do a thorough checking of the safety features as well as the possible obstructions like trees, live wires and so on.
Parasailing in Kannur, like one in any other place offers a bird’s eye view of the whole region. Yet, when the sea is rough and there is a strong current, the tourists are generally advised not to venture out into parasailing.