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Hyderabad Tourism

The City of Tradition and Technology

State : Andhra Pradesh
District: Hyderabad
Type of Tourism : Heritage tourism, Industrial Tourism
Weekend getaway
Area : 650 square kilometers
Population : 4,010,238 (as per 2011 census)
Altitude : 536meters
Best Tourist Season : October - March
Languages spoken : Telegu, English and Hindi.
What to buy : Pearls, semiprecious stones
Food Specialties : Biriyani, Kebabs and Halim(during festivals).

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a strange blend of antiquity and modernity. While the cityscape is adorned with the beautiful minarets of the Charchinar, the abundance of the Engineering colleges and IT Firms gives the city a worldly platform. Despite having a heritage of about 500 years, Hyderabad still basks in the glory of being the fifth largest city of India. Also called ‘the city of Nizams’ after the rulers who reigned over Hyderabad for a considerable period of time, it is also the land of world class pearls and lip smacking Biriyani.
Hyderabad, often referred to as the city of tradition and technology is a place where antiquity shakes hand with novelty. Located in the Deccan plateau on the banks of the River Musi, this is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Despite having a heritage of about 400 years, Hyderabad basks in the glory of being a major industrial hub of the country. It is also the fifth largest city of India.
Hyderabad was founded in the late sixteenth century by Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah, the fifth sovereign of the Qutab Shahi Dynasty. The city derives its name (Hyderabad literally means ‘the city of Hyder’) from Queen Hyder Mahal, the wife of Quli Qutab Shah. Initially the inception of Hyderabad had taken place on the Southern bank of the River Musi. Today this part of Hyderabad is known as Old City and is home to some of the famous historical forts and monuments. Hyderabad is also nicknamed as the “City of Nizams” as the Nizams had ruled over a considerable period of time in this city.
Hyderabad showcases the extremes of both the ends of the spectrum. While the monuments, minarets and mosques of the city reflect a deep rooted cultural heritage, the emerging Biotech and IT industries have elevated the city to a global platform. Today, Hyderabad is one of the leading centers of information technology. The thriving tourism and IT industries have brought Marriott, Novotel and Taj, the giants in the hospitality industry, to this metropolis.
The city of Hyderabad has four notable neighborhoods- the Old City, Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Hi-Tech City. Out of the four, while Secunderabad houses the emblem of the city, i.e. Charminar, the Hi-Tech city has a cityscape that is heavily dominated with imposing sky-scrapers and huge red boulders.
Hyderabad has several claims to fame. Apart from the booming pearl industry, it also offers the world’s best Biriyani and Kebabs. If you have always enjoyed Mughlai cuisine and can endlessly gorge on ethnic food, Hyderabad is just the place that you have been waiting for. A vibrant nightlife is also an additional gift that Hyderabad graces its tourists with.