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Nagpur, the ‘Orange City’ of India, the geographical midpoint of the country and the major commercial and political center of the Vidarbha region is a burgeoning metropolis in the state of Maharashtra that also serves as the winter capital of the state. Lately deemed as the cleanest and the second greenest city of the country, Nagpur also happens to be the third largest conurbation of Maharashtra State. Cradled on the Deccan Plateau and dotted with a number of natural and man-made lakes, Nagpur; approximately equidistant from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi serves as India’s principal transport center where all the major highways of the country intersect. Furthermore, also exalted as the seat of the annual winter session of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha and the nerve center of the Hindu Nationalist Organization ‘RSS’ and the Dalit Buddhist Movement, Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and its illustrious history as well as its eminence as the industrial, educational, commercial and political spindle of the Maratha Region. The term ‘Nagpur’ literally means ‘the city (Pur) or abode of the serpent God ‘Nag’. The official seal of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation depicts a cobra seated in the water of a river. It is said that the city Nagpur receives its name after the River ‘Nag’ that flows through the city in a serpentine trail. Nagpur, studded with several archaic monuments, wide verdant gardens and numerous religious sites is also a culturally alive civic that frequently hosts various handloom & handicrafts exhibitions, tribal dances & folk-art performances and celebrates the fiestas such as Kalidas Mahotsav, Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din, Ganesh Utsav, etc with unlimited pomp and zest. Moreover, Nagpur; a threshold to several Tiger Reserves of India including Tadoba, Pench, Nagzira and Nawegaon is also acknowledged as the ‘Tiger Capital of India’.

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