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Weather In Nagpur

Owing to its remoteness from the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and also the Indian Ocean, Nagpur experiences tropical wet and dry climate and these dry conditions predominantly prevail all round the year.

Summer: in Nagpur extends from March to June when the weather turns exceedingly hot and sweltering. The scorching rays of the sun and the baking winds of the afternoon render the entire ambience exceptionally broiling and this climatic state reaches its summit in the month of May. The highest ever recorded temperature of Nagpur happens to be 47.6c while the lowest temperature of a summer day in Nagpur will never drop downer than 22c. Tourists are highly recommended not to visit Nagpur in summer.

Monsoon: in Nagpur sets in during the month of June and showers the city with its medium to heavy rain falls till late September. The average annual downpour of Nagpur is reported to be 1,205 mm while the highest ever received cloudburst was recorded to be 304 mm which happened on 14th June, 1994.

Winter: inaugurates in the month of November and lasts till February when temperature easily drops downer than 10c. This is the most pleasant period of the year and the most ideal season for tourism and sightseeing. The lowest ever recorded temperature of Nagpur is 3c.