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Nestled on the sprawling banks of the river Brahmaputra and cuddled at the footings of the Shillong Plateau, Guwahati; the largest city of the Indian State of Assam and also the principal metropolitan of the North Eastern India functions as the chief commercial, industrial, political, educational, religious, cultural and communication hub of the Assam constituency. Previously reckoned by the appellation ‘Pragjyotishpura’ meaning, ‘the City of Eastern Lights’ and ‘Durjoya’ meaning ‘Invincible’, Guwahati is also commonly referred to as ‘the Gateway of the North East Region’. This conurbation of eastern astrology formerly served as the administrative headquarters of the Assam State until the capital seat was moved from here to the planned metropolis of Dispur; reposed on the outskirts of Guwahati.
Bequeathed with the laurel; ‘the City of Temples’ due to its scores of magnificent Hindu shrines, Guwahati derives its epithet from two Assamese words ‘guwa’ and ‘haat’ wherein Guwa means ‘areca nut’ and haat means ‘the market place’. Thus, Guwahati is the market place where areca nuts are sold in abundance. During the pre-colonial and colonial era, the title Guwahati was spelt as ‘Gowhatty’ which was later standardized by the British as ‘Gauhati’. Eventually, Gauhati was modified to ‘Guwahati’ in late 1980s in order to concur with its local pronunciation. The present day Guwahati; a thriving commercial and educational axis of Northeastern India is a home to a number of prestigious institutes for instance Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati, Gauhati University, Cotton College, and so on.
Guwahati; the place of sunrise is also the burgeoning pivot of all the cultural and recreational activities and all the political and administrative undertakings of the state of Assam. Moreover, it is also the vital regional transportation hub of the province. Affluent with multitudinous places of worship, Guwahati also teeming with legions of historical monuments and archaeological excavation sites, as well as educative and amusing museums boasts of its precious prehistoric pedigree. Embellished with luxuriant green hills wrapped up in the emerald tapestry of blooming tea plantations, Guwahati offers the most captivating prospects of the charismatic natural scenery. Well-off in its wildlife populace too, the environs of Guwahati provide shelter to some of the rare mammals including Asian elephants, tiger, gaur, primates, etc and several miscellaneous species of fascinating avifauna. Guwahati, a treasure house of nature’s infinite bequest and man’s incessant endeavors is today applauded as one of the most preeminent tourist destinations of Northeastern India.
Guwahati; the booming business city noted for its Assam products such as Assam Tea, natural oils, other jungle products and handloom – handcrafted articles is deemed amongst the top hundred fastest growing cities of the world and is credited to be the 5th most rapidly developing Indian megalopolis by a certain UK media.

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