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Weather In Guwahati

Guwahati experiences humid subtropical climate marked with moderate summers, cool winters and pleasant monsoons. The city never reports extreme alterations in the climatic conditions and the average annual temperature of Guwahati ranges between 19c and 29c. Humidity is quite normal for the Guwahati weather and generally the clime detects around 80 to 90 percent of humidity, excluding the dry winter season.

Summer at Guwahati extends from March to mid June when the weather turns noticeably hot; nevertheless, it barely turns scorching or sweltering like other Indian plains hence summer days at Guwahati are not that unbearable or agonizing. The temperature level hovers between the maximum of 35c and the minimum of 25c. Summer is equally suitable for sightseeing in Guwahati except for the afternoons of the months of May and June.

Monsoon sets in during the month of June and lasts till September when the rejuvenating rains bring relief from the summer fever. During this time span the city experiences recurrent showers and sporadic thunder storms. The average annual precipitation of Guwahati is recorded to be 1613 mm. June and July receive the maximum of the downpour and many a times the city gets flooded due to the excessive rain water.

Autumn succeeds monsoon in the month of mid September and continues till November when the weather remains temperate & balmy and the ambience turns significantly pleasing and salubrious. The skies are clear and the air is full of life and enthusiasm. This is the most ideal time for sightseeing in Guwahati.

Winter in Guwahati extends from November to February when the average temperature ranges between 10c and 20c. During this period of time the climate is sans humidity which renders the ambient dry and comfy. The winter mornings are misty, the days are sunny while the winter nights frequently get chilly and nippy. January is the coolest month of the year.

The best time to pay a visit to Guwahati is from October to March.